Saturday, September 20, 2014

Simply Saturday!!!

Saturday now means college football! I don't watch it but I no longer mind it on in the background! I can get a ton of reading done! Plus now watching football and all of its bad boys is like watching really bad reality TV! So sad! I even watch Sports Central and ESPN to get the scoops!

So...that's what is happening today...yesterday we had a Target stock up on all things Method...purple is my!

Den is planting all of the mums we bought yesterday...I would have the mums planted already...we are simply replacing dead summer plants in pots with fall takes me two minutes...Den has on sunscreen, a straw hat, various tools and shovels are out, a wheelbarrow, extra potting soul, gloves and a plan. I think he even sketched something...oh my...and this, my friends, is the difference between Patty and Den! He is sweeping and cleaning first...and he BANISHED me from the yard! How dare he!

Dinner is pasta and a thick meaty sauce and the most amazing garlic bread ever! We love staying home on Saturdays! This one is from The Pioneer Woman!

Finished Us...good but I don't want to see the movie...if there is one...tired of this family.

Reading this...another very dysfunctional family! I just started it so I will have better thoughts tomorrow!

Happy Saturday! I do believe I love this season the best! What is not to love about a pumpkin? Den surprised me with a massive white one!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday's Fascinations...

Reading and really loving the subtle humor and angst in this...this is by the author of One Day. This book is about trying to save a marriage and a relationship with a dysfunctional character books!

Roxie Blue continues to believe that this basket is hers...

New NetGalley!

Our lengthy anniversary festivus continues with a trip to Ikea...for storage...and a trip to Glenn Willow Orchards for mums and pumpkins...have you noticed that Halloween costume ads are on TV already?

Happy Friday!

It's cool and lovely here today!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday's Trivia!

We had an overnighter last night! We went to Frederick, Maryland to a restaurant called Volt. Frederick is uber's much like a saner Georgetown...shops, row houses, restaurants...very sweet!

Volt is owned by a former Top Chef chef...Brian Voltaggio. The restaurant was in an old brownstone building...and it was lovely!

We opted for the Chef's just have to love a chef with a chicken!

Yummy decor...

Yummy salted breadsticks...

Yummy martini...

Yummy amuse-bouche...I ate the sphere that melted in your couldn't wait...

Yummy biscuit and sourdough made.

Yummy tomatoes...those white things are little oozy balls of goat cheese ricotta...the tomatoes were from a nearby place called that name...these tomatoes were the most amazing things...

Clams...with melt in your mouth potatoes...

Halibut and asparagus...

Pasta with calamari...the pasta is black from squid ink...oh my! It looks like one mess but it was teeny tiny spoony bites...

Steak but that Wagyu beef one...the steak that cuts like buttah!

Dessert...apples and stuff...oh...that was basil ice cream...

A special extra treat they brought us...once you bit into oozed orange soda stuff...Den loved it...

Calming soothing chamomile tea...

We love Rachel!

Plus...there was still more! Rachel...our server...packed us off with boxes of chocolates and meringues and individual coffee cakes for breakfast the next day.

We literally have eaten at amazing places...pretty much all over this country...and other countries...Volt is our new fave!

Reading this...really yummy...and planning a return trip to Volt...

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tuesday's Thoughts...

Is it bad that I have no clue how long Den and I have been married? We are happy...what else matters? Lol...and yet...if Den reads this he will be shocked...I don't do numbers! Sigh!

Seriously...reading unlike me but it is seriously awesome. This is the kind of book where you know something really scary and bad is going to happen every few pages...starting from the first page where we meet Charles now where everyone is getting killed...yikes! Not the dog, though, please...Mr. Rollins...not Nikko!
Plus it has maps! I love books with maps! Didn't Harry Potter have maps? Did you notice my nails? Eggplant! Lol!

Ok...this is a busy day!

Have a good one!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday's Thoughts...

Our basement is a disaster. It literally went from a neatly binned organized space...that also housed our workout area to an out of control storage area. It actually used to be fun to descend the stairs and workout. Before Roxie...Lucy would come with me and sit on the yoga mat while I was on the treadmill...and when I was on the mat...she would stretch with me. But now...the bins are everywhere...I have to close the door because we don't trust that Roxie won't get into something in the basement...a box with tape...a stray piece of tape...who knows. We blame it all on the kitchen remodel...we just started moving things down there and they stayed there. I had October bins, Christmas bins, Summer I just truly have a mess o' bins...and although I want to go down there and reorganize...I haven't been able to do it yet. I also HATE going down there to work out because it's not orderly. The sight of the chaotic bins is stressful...very stressful. Sigh!

It's sad...very very sad...because it needs to be dealt with at some point. And soon!

Sigh! Even if I did this...from Amazon...I would need lots of them! Lots and lots!

Books! That always makes me feel better!

Loved both of these mysteries! I have not read Kathy Reichs in ages and this one was so good!

Reading this...a mother and daughter must rent out part of their house in order to survive...they rent to a young couple but it just seems as though something is stirring between the daughter and the married husband...we shall see!

I am off...maybe even to the chaotic basement? What if I just did a section at a time?

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Matters!

Den is home all week because it is the beginning of our "Anniversary Festivus" which will begin on Wednesday and officially end on Friday try to do something unique every year...this year Den is taking me to dinner and I am taking him to some things always stay the same...I always get white roses because that was my wedding bouquet...and usually there are presents...lovely presents...even though I don't really want anything...seriously. I just want happy...happy healthy kitties and happy healthy Patty and Den. I love happy! And cake...we do need cake...a happy little wedding cake.

I am simply mad at myself for reading this was so good...except for the ending...and I will not read the next one! Seriously? This ending was so bizarre...I hated it!

Reading these now...

Lucy Grace had her second cold laser treatment today...we are calling them her spa days...but she remains unconvinced...she is giving me her disdainful look...sigh! She is not a happy kitty camper with this three times a week schedule.

Doing a few house chores...having lunch...and we are binge watching TV...very soon!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday's Schedule...

First on the list is this...not moving anywhere...reading papers, having breakfast and crashing...we are exhausted from was the most stressful driving we have had in a really long time...very scary driving and rain all the way were everywhere!!!

Finishing this...good but not as good as I thought it would be...

This is my afternoon book while football is on...

Since it's football all day's chili for dinner. I have never made chili without this mix...I am not that we are using bison...

Happy Sunday!

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