Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday Stuff!

Going to Glen Willow for these! Fresh local pea

Perhaps Harvest later for these!

Still really want these!

Still reading this!

Playing chase with them!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Stuff!

Making this for dinner...thank you Mel's Kitchen Cafe!

Really want's made by Cheap Monday! I love that name! Definitely my style!

Want these, too...from Jeffrey Campbell...

Reading these by Thursday! Love Amazon's Last Harvest!

Happy Friday! My girls are touching!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pies! And Just One Book...Or Perhaps Two?

I envy pie makers. Those bakers that can get a pie to come out with a thick filling and dough that is not raw. I yearn to make a pie...I believe that I have shared my pie frustration before...please bear with I should start with a tart? A bite sized pie morsel...I still have the pie pans from my easy bake oven! I will...I really truly will...someday!

Martha is inspiring me...she recently posted these! Aren't they lovely?

Just finished this...I was totally fascinated and yet irritated with it at the same time!
A brain tumor! A disintegrating marriage! Perseveration!

Reading this now...

Den is on his way home...from girls and I need to clean up the house and put away all of the bottles and cans from our parties...yikes...
and pizza boxes...and brownie pans...and catnip!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lovely Books! Rainy Days!

I feel as though...lately...I have been reading sad yet lovely books. Books that have parts to them where I stop and reread the passage I have just read...and marvel at its sadness as well as its loveliness...this is what I am reading now...and it's beautiful. It's based on the true shootings at the top of a tower at a university in Texas by a man named Charles Whitman. The author weaves an intense book around what happened to three key characters...this book took me by surprise and I loved every word of it. It was filled with multi leveled, wounded characters whose lives were changed because of that day. They made difficult choices...sad altering ones. It was poignant. It was thought provoking. It was beautiful. is another foggy rainy drizzly day! The deck sits empty...pillows, kitty tents...everything is sad...Lucy and Roxie look at me and chirp to go outside! Yesterday I had to open the deck doors and walk each one of them out in the rain...finally they realized we had to wait for the sun to shine! Even these photos look gloomy! Plus my sectional is apparently in pieces strewn from Atlanta to Philedelphia!

A shipping company named Home directly responsible! It's already ten days late and there is no sign of it anywhere other than one pathetic pillow in Philadelphia. I hate when this happens!

Have a great day! The girls and I are playing, reading, napping, and doing laundry!
It's...fine washables day...every piece needs to lie flat or hang...I am determined to get it all done! Having these two us like having two two year olds...they want what the other one has!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Love Jo Jo!

Reading these in minutes...hopefully! Thank you, Annie Harris and Penguin! I will announce a giveaway of her newest book on Monday!

Her new one!

Her even newer new one!

Once I finish all my over dues...I am hitting both of these!

Almost done with sad but so good!

And this one?

I read this one late into the night last night...I had been reading it on my kindle for about a week...only at night if I woke up and couldn't sleep...but last night...I was sleepless and I just read and read until I's truly a beautifully multilayered book. Laura and without their oldest son...for four long years. He was taken while skateboarding. The story of their loss and trauma and devastation was so profoundly sad...I could not stop reading. This is a book I should have just read on its own without sandwiching it in with other lighter books.

One lovely book at a time so that I can lose myself in it...sigh!

And it's why I really do enjoy one book at a time reading...and why I don't think I would like audio...sorry, just can't listen to a book...although...I really do want to try audio for long car trips with Den...and only an audio book that I would not want to read...perhaps a memoir...or a fast paced thriller? One we both might like...we shall see!

We have cloudy skies and rain! The bad part is no deck sitting...the good part is no watering. I am off soon to buy herbs to pot!

Have an amazing Tuesday!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Some Are Brilliant...Some Are Not...

Finishing's about a magical family of mostly daughters. Eons ago a magical flower was discovered deep in the jungles of some exotic places...rain forests, Borneo...places like that...ok...get this...Serena brings this one amazing flower...a gardenia-like flower home with her...hidden in her mass of lovely hair! That one flower is the start of a perfume dynasty but...the perfume gives the wearer success! I love this book! It's magic...but just a teensie bit...and rivalries...and relationships...and lovely smells! And now the flowers are changing and the business is going down! Which dysfunctional sister will step in to save the day? My lips are sealed...oh...and this book has a fawn...a sweet fawn who follows one of the sisters everywhere. If the magic didn't get me...the sweet baby fawn would have...even without any magic. I loved this book!

This one...oh my...I did not love this book...too scripted...too predictable...too much I wanted to love this book...sigh!

New books! From NetGalley! From Edelweiss! My preferred way to read! Ebooks! Kindle! Amazon! BEA publishers who have reached out to me! Much love and gratitude!

I might have shared this one already...forgive me if I did. I loved The Summer this author!

I am still reading my way through a stack of Last Harvest books from Amazon Vine but I am seeing the light at the end of my bookish tunnel! I have until June 19th to read my over dues. I kind of love this schedule!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Relaxing On Sunday!

Finishing this...

Then...starting this...

Grilling these...this one is from Serious Eats...we have been baking ours in the oven first with a dry rub...then Den tosses them on the grill...

With this sauce...

I hope you are having a lovely day!

Talking new books tomorrow!

Happy Sunday!