Saturday, August 30, 2014

Too Much Football?

Last night we...actually just Den...watched college football...CSU...where he went to college...

This morning...we...actually just Den...has been watching Penn State in neighbor is there cheering...

That's a lot of football for me! It's fun but...I repeat...that's a lot of football in two days.

Still reading's relaxing and good...but all of her books are.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, August 29, 2014

An Assortment!

The driveway is finished, no one is eating tape, we turned the AC off for a day at least...I need a relaxing day!

Yesterday the driveway guys did our neighbor's driveway, too...sort of piggy backing?

But it seemed to take them twice as long for ours because they kept going back and forth. And there were huge beasts of machines everywhere. And noise. Lots of noise. Did I say noise?

Yep...noise...thus my renewed interest in condos/town houses/tents in the wilderness/concrete jungles?


Want to make these...fig jam and manchego cheese stuffed chicken! From Serious Eats...

Goat cheese and leek tart from Whole Foods...

Pesto marinated grilled chicken from Mel's Kitchen Cafe...

Rice crust torte thing from a site called Proud Italian...

Ina Garten's summer pasta...yum!

Finally settled on read...saving fantasy for you can always count on JoJo Moyes for a beautiful book...this one is lovely! Oceans, dolphins, prawns with

Happy Friday! I want to go out to Harvest for a Salad Nicoise! Any takers?

They use purple Peruvian potatoes in the's so pretty!

Happy Friday!

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Driveways? Books That Don't Fit? Tape?

I think I want a maintenance free condo or town home someday soon. Today is repair and repave the driveway day...just could be easier...

Not a fan of this book...I rarely do this but I may not is too stalkerish and sexual for me...I have read reviews of it that either love it or...hmmm...not love it...I was so excited to read it but it's not a good fit for me...sigh...I guess I have issues from going to Catholic school ( Our Lady Of a Perpetual Help which I always thought was Health ) and being taught by nuns and my mom...who went to church every day...I am too shy for this repressed if you get my drift...wink...wink...wink!

And I finished this was just ok...

Now I am craving something yummy...a yummy delicious something or other. Something not about real people! One of these?
This is the second book in The Bone Season series...which I loved!

This one just looks entertaining! I love the look on Ted's face!

I have been saving this one but I think it's time to hit it!

Yesterday...Roxie Blue decided to munch on tape...clear wide packing tape...from a printer that was just delivered...of course I didn't see any of this happen...but she came upstairs kitty coughing and kitty choking...I was following her to try to see what was wrong...I managed to see a half piece of tape stuck to the hardwood floor...wet and chewed...I grabbed her and poked my finger into her teeny little mouth and felt tape clogging her the vet...we raced in...they were waiting...literally waiting for us at the door...the vet was able to use long scary tweezers to get this out of her teeny little throat...OMG! Then X-rays to see if anything was blocking her Roxie Blue and I returned home...where she was quiet until midnight when she got one of her toys out and bounced it all around our room for 45 minutes...sigh!

Bad but very cute...kitty!

Midnight toy!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Blog...I Missed You So!

I try not to go on and on and on about stuff that happens to me like my app issue but I was totally miserable without my BlogPress app...and I am really unhappy with Blogger!

Rita...thank you so much for telling me about what you did to get to WP...I think that when I am brave enough...or frustrated will contact her!

Den is only working one day at the office this and Tuesday were filled with yard work and house stuff. I love that we have finally worked out a routine when he is at home...I love that he goes into his study and the girls and I still have our quiet Thank goodness we have lots of places to have quiet time...right now...reading while sitting on the big yellow sofa in the sunroom is a favorite spot! One shared with these big as the sofa is they both want the same spot. Lucy actually pushed Roxie to the floor yesterday...fighting over this spot!
The winner!

They fight over this spot, too. I think it's all about the sun? And Roxie...has become that annoying little sister to Lucy...she watches Lucy constantly and seems to do whatever Lucy does. But I also think that Lucy likes this adulation? Lol...

Reading this...just started it, really...I loved what was said about it but I can't tell yet...I only know that it's different enough to interest far.

I am so ready for Fall...crisp apples, flannelly plaids...pumpkins! Love these oversized ones from Nasty Gal! I want them both! I might have bought them both...hmmm...

Bon Appetit does grilled cheese and tomato soup...yum! Dinner? is calm!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Think I Am Back!

OMG! I have literally spent the entire day trying to figure out what is happening to Blogger...I think I really have to change to Word Press but I have to figure out how!

So scary! Can I just move my blog over? It's complicated! For the past four days...I could not use my paid for not free Blogpress App...I cannot get into the posting part of my blog on my laptop...I can see my blog but I can't post...that page stays blank!

So finally...just now...I try my Blogpress App again and it's working! I have such a headache!

Reading this...did you know that this is Deborah Crombie's 16th Gemma and Duncan book? This one is so good but they were all good! Thank you Edelweiss for this one!

Off to shower and have a drink with Den! I have been stressed over this blog stuff for the last few days...there is no explanation for why any of it happened!

Talk more tomorrow!

Why Is This Happening?

I am having major issues trying to publish my blog from my Blogpress app.   That is the reason for my silence.

I need to figure this out and so far nothing is working!

Hopefully...I will be back soon...I don't even know if this will post...but..I have checked my up...checking Blogger from my laptop...

So...I miss blogging!

Hopefully this will post!

Happy Tuesday!