Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Fun...

We just came in from a road trip with my sister Paula! We went to a yarn shop in Lancaster and then out to lunch. My sister Paula loves yarn shops! She loves to knit. The yarn shop we went to had different kinds of locally dyed yarns. My sister and I are alike in certain ways and not alike in certain ways. We always need to buy things in threes...when we like something we become OBSESSED about it. She is in the family room knitting with her new yarn. I am in shock because she paid $35.00 for one skein of yarn and she needed 4 skeins...she is into knitting shawls and wraps on tiny little needles. Right now she is sitting next to me on the sofa...counting and clicking away! When we were in the yarn shop it was as though she and the proprietor were talking an entirely different language...the language of yarn! I had no clue what they were talking about.

Tomorrow will be a day of college football. We will walk in the morning and watch football for the rest of the day...and we will eat! My sister brought so much food...carnitas and sauce and stuff for tiny little sandwiches. It is so amazing to have her here...I really did need to see her!

We are kind of wiped out after our morning...everyone is in their own little spot resting...or knitting.


I started the first Miss Seeton book...and it is even better than the one I just read. I love the way the original author introduces Miss Seeton. Everything is so sweet and so clear! Miss Seeton inherits her little house in Plummergen and everyone is curious about her and why she is's just such a fun series! I think I will just read and read while football is on.

So today was a busy day...

And the weekend promises to be busy, too!

Busy and fun!

I am off to read!

See you on Monday!





Wednesday, September 20, 2017

This Book Could Be Dangerous To Your Sleep!

This book sneaked up on I mentioned's slow yet steady...has some sexy bits...has some freaky bits...but is such a good story. I woke up at 3:30 this morning and rather than just turning over and going back to sleep I reached for my Kindle...and read until 5:30 and finished is just a good story. It takes place in of the characters owns a bookstore...I love that real mysteries were mentioned as well as why to read them...and the books mentioned are mostly kind of older classics! I don't want to over analyze was just enjoyable! I can't believe I never read his work before. I have Den reading it now! sister Paula is coming's my bad that I would not let her come during this past awful year. But she is driving in tomorrow from McDonald, Ohio...the town we grew up in. She loves college football and yarn shops. She and her husband travel all over the world. She lives next door to her daughter and is always there for her four grandchildren...when she is in town. When she comes we are usually on the move all of the time. We like to pamper her and take her to yarn shops and out to dinner.

But...we will do all that but not dinner at night. Lunches are good but I am just not ready to go out to's the hair thing. She has been cooking all week and is bringing lots of surprises. It's her way to take care of me plus all of the hats she knitted me all year. I can't wait to see see family!

So...Den is recleaning her room...we always call it Paula's room. And he is recleaning her bathroom. We are ready for Paula!




Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Slow But Steady...

That's what this book is...with the end of every chapter...I just want to go on to the next one. I fell asleep last night clutching my Kindle. Yum! follows that "then" and "now" pattern that I love so much!


I am obsessed with this cookbook. The author lives in Colorado and is 21 years old!

This was dinner last night...a Broccoli Chickeny Quinoa Bake...we loved it!

One don't even have to precook the quinoa although I was freaking out because I thought it wasn't did.

I love this look. But I doubt I would wear it off of my deck. Tevas...I did get those slippery shoes and they are amazing. I got them for Den, too.


Roxie will hold onto Lucy...any way she can!




Monday, September 18, 2017

Books! More Yummy Books!

While Den was watching college football and NFL football I was reading!

I finished this...oh how I love this sad Flavia! This is the 8th book in this series.

I also finished older one of this author's...totally a page turner.

And I am really into this one...a Lady Sherlock Holmes series...

New books! From Edelweiss...Peter Swanson is the nephew of a dear friend of mine. This is his newest book.


From the acclaimed author of Her Every Fear and The Kind Worth Killing comes a diabolically clever tale of obsession, revenge, and cold-blooded murder—a sly and brilliant guessing game of a novel in the vein of Ruth Ware, Paula Hawkins, and Patricia Highsmith...summary from Amazon.

From the author of The Other Woman...the mesmerizing tale of what kind of woman could have inspired an American dynasty...summary from Amazon.


From the author of Secrets of Nanreath Hall comes this gripping, beautifully written historical fiction novel set during World War II—the unforgettable story of a young woman who must leave Singapore and forge a new life in England...summary from Amazon.

From NetGalley...

A dazzling debut about family, home, and grief, The Floating World takes readers into the heart of Hurricane Katrina with the story of the Boisdorés, whose roots stretch back nearly to the foundation of New Orleans. Though the storm is fast approaching the Louisiana coast, Cora, the family’s fragile elder daughter, refuses to leave the city, forcing her parents, Joe Boisdoré, an artist descended from a freed slave who became one of the city’s preeminent furniture makers, and his white “Uptown” wife, Dr. Tess Eshleman, to evacuate without her, setting off a chain of events that leaves their marriage in shambles and Cora catatonic--the victim or perpetrator of some violence mysterious even to herself...summary from Amazon.

A dazzling debut set in modern-day New York, The Little Clan is a sharp, insightful look at friendship and finding yourself in your twenties...summary from Amazon.
Plus it's about a librarian in residence!

I cannot link! My poor blog is terribly broken...I have to get serious about changing over to Wordpress...I seriously do but I continue to put it off! I wasted time this morning trying to figure out some of this stuff and I still end up posting on a broken blog. I am at a loss because it looks as though I have a Wordpress blog but it has a weird name. Sigh! I may have to hire a professional blog fixer!


I just had to buy this cookbook. Tieghan Gerard is a food blogger. I love her blog and now I love her cookbook. It's beautiful and filled with amazing foods! Her story is fascinating! Her blog name is Half Baked Harvest.

That's it for's now 12:21 and I have accomplished nothing. My sister is coming on Thursday and Den is downstairs washing the windows in the sunroom and I have done nothing.

Oh well...