Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why I Love This Saturday by Patty...

There is no paint involved in any way.
We all slept in.
Laundry is all done.
  There is really nothing that has to be accomplished today.
College football is on and while I don't love to watch it...I like it on in the background while I do other things.

This was lunch.

If you do not live in this area...this probably looks amazingly awful to you.
It is a sandwich called Italian Roast Pork.
Ours comes from a shop called The Country Butcher.
It is roasted pork that is seasoned in secret ways.  Very secret ways.
Danny, our friend, owns this shop and does this every Saturday.
I don't know when he starts roasting but the pork is done by noon.
You have to have the pork on a beautiful roll with a slice or two of provolone cheese, pan juices and sauteed broccoli rabe.
When we first heard about these we got them plain and thought we should put Dijon mustard on them.
We were foolish.
Then we started to get them with the broccoli rabe on the side.
Now we let them do them for us the right way.
Roll, juice, broccoli rabe, pork.
Drip drip drip.
We eat them with juices dripping everywhere.
We try to just share one but it is just not possible.
It is an amazing sandwich.
Trust me.
We try to resist but by the time Saturday morning rolls around we are crazed.
We say to each other...let's just have fruit for breakfast and then we can have one of Danny's sandwiches.
Close to noon we get a little bit scared that this is the only Saturday in the history of Italian Roast Pork Sandwiches that Danny slept in and forgot to make them.
God forbid.
Today was our lucky day.
We are full, sated, gratified.
thoughts are on dinner.
Danny's store and lunch is in one direction while dinner is in another direction.
Tonight we are having pizzas.
And salad.
They are small and beautiful so we will get two.
Who does not love cold pizza the next day?
Don't laugh until you have tried it and a twirl of cold pasta, too.
Breakfast Of Champions...
I digress.
Dinner will be a roasted butternut squash pizza with bacon, gorgonzola cheese, arugula and a drizzle of organic honey.
Den will have housemade meatball pizza or salume or something or other.
See why I adore this Saturday?
I love a well executed plan.
Saturday is our meat eating our quest to become vegetarians...we give it up on Saturday!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today I chose a book but did not start to read it.
I collected all of my yarn squares together but did not stitch them into my quilt.
I put all of the things I needed for my Halloween Banner together but did not begin to stitch it.
I made a list of things I should be doing but I did not do any of them.
I added to my list of things to do but did not do those things either.
I redid my list of things to do and still did not do any of them.
I looked at a huge basket of laundry...just the darks...and ignored them.

I did eat pumpkin pie for breakfast.

And chips and hummus for lunch.

I did stomp through leaves.
I did let the wind blow my newly keratined hair all over the place.
I did get my nails painted a viscious fiery red.
I did make a dinner reservation.
I did flop on the sofa covered in a comfy quilt to watch Work Of Art and The Rachel Zoe Project.
I did take a yummy bubble bath in the middle of the day!!!
I did have a lovely birthday.
Oh...I still have presents to open when my husband comes home from work.


I will show you those tomorrow!!!
I wish I could share my birthday cake with you!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Grabarchuk Family And Puzzles!!!

This is what I know about the Grabarchuk Family.  They write amazingly clever and fun puzzles.  They contacted me to try the first of their puzzle books and I have been playing them and reviewing them ever since.   Puzzlebook 102 is the latest puzzlebook from this very talented family.
The puzzles are brightly colored and I absolutely love playing them on my iPAD2 and my Kindle.  Even not in color they are fun to play but I have to say much more fun on a color device.  The Grabarchuk Family recently asked me to try out their new iPAD app.  I have and I love it, too.
These puzzles are perfect for anytime but even more perfect for travel.  Car and airplane travel will pass quickly when you have these puzzles.

As far as age...I personally think they are perfect for kids and grownups and actually a fun thing to do together.  All of the puzzles are challenging and fun and you get a number of chances and you have to work at solving them...great brain exercises.

So I thank the lovely Grabarchuk Family for thinking of me whenever they develop a new puzzlebook!!!
I am a great puzzle tester!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I am so sorry!!!

 I have no clue what happened with my blog...
First everything was there and then everything was gone and then I got all of these emails...
Mildly freaking out...

I apologize!!!

Delete me!!!

But not forever!!!

I Want This...Simply Put...I Really Do Want This...

I really want this bedspread...I love Anthropologie.
Or this one...again...Anthropologie.
More shades of blue from...Anthropologie.
This time of year has me thinking of a new comfy quilt to snuggle up during cold winter nights...but which one?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Special Announcement...

Our bathroom is completely painted...

It is blue!!!

I now want to paint everything blue!!!

That would be a tiny sign of my obsessive/compulsive personality!!!

Book news...

I just finished reading Brian Selznick's Wonderstruck...a beautiful beautiful book. I loved it!!!

A corner of my new blue bathroom...which we still can't shower in because we have rescheduled the shower door installation so many times...we are not allowed to call them again until we are sure we are done!!!