Thursday, April 10, 2014

Just Stuff!

Love this sweater from One Teaspoon...

Interesting series...

Thibeault's Table...a blog I love...made this amazing bread...

A little Italian man who loves books...and lending them...

Dressing up Roxie Blue...Lucy's stuff does not fit her at all...

Reading's all about a swim team...murder...dysfunctional good!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wildly Wicked Wednesday! Or Not!

I have both a love and a not love for Groupons...I love them because they are fun...I don't love them when I forget about them until the day of I am forced to get hungry for sushi tonight...because my Groupon expires today! Sigh!

Reading this...loving it...lots of family dysfunction revealed on a two week vacation to Spain...yum!

This needs to be a quiet restful middle of the week...until I have to get dressed for dinner! Lots of reading going on today...chores are done...kitties are sleeping...I think!

Happy Middle Of The Week!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

No Adventures Today...Just Books!

Reading's a yummy NYC based story about couples. The fun part is the way the couples lives intertwine. It's very enjoyable!

I seriously loved this book...but I love fantasy reminded me just a little bit of Lord Of The Rings. But...I love books like this. And the idea that the prince in this story is destined to be a dragon actual rider of dragons! Add to that the opener of Game Of Thrones...with the dragon sleeping by the blonde girl...OMG! The dragons in Moth And Spark were ethereal beings...they connected to people with their thoughts and minds and were described so beautifully. Tiny shiny scales that led to bigger shiny scales...and they were beautiful when they slept. This book had war and these dragons and an awesomely lovely love story...Prince Corin and Tam. Plus it was complete with lovely juicy bits...perfect for this epic fantasy. Some reviews I read about this book were not good...but all I can say is how much I loved it!

Well...maybe one thing not related to books...Den and I got these. They look huge here but they are sweet and tiny. You can track calories burned, steps taken and so much more...they are fun and easy to use...our goals are over 10,000 steps a day! Each! Lol!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 7, 2014

I Have One Word...Books!

I have a project that I am working on that is due by sort of has this term paper feel to it...or when I was teaching...a week's worth of papers to grade or report card comments to write...I love doing this but I love the feeling I have when the last one is turned in! Sort of a whoop tee doo jump up and down feeling!

So...I am sort of preoccupied but in a good way!

New books! I have cover love for all of these!

These from Amazon...

These are from NetGalley...

These are from lovely Edelweiss...

I love books!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Dinner!


Someone enjoying it! Lol...with tobasco sauce?

Reading this...dragons, dragon riders, seers, kings, queens...danger! Love it!

Happy Sunday!