Saturday, January 17, 2015


We are so tired! All we have done this week is race around! Today...Nordstrom's...which is really far away...then lunch...then to the dairy for milk and Mrs. Wickersham's eggs...then we are watching Transformers...the one made in 2007...and it's still so good. Lucy is sleeping...Roxie is in our big bath tub chasing a Ping Pong ball around and's like putting a baby in a bouncy keeps her busy!

Before my glass of wine...

Before Den's glass of wine...

Key lime pie in a shot glass...made us so happy!

Still reading this at night...because I have not read very much during the day this week! It's really good!

This little one is first to greet us when we come sweet!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Nails, Kitty Food, Costco, Fresh Market, and Wine And Spirits!

Today was run around town day!

First...nails...they have glitter at the bottoms...and are a new nude color...

While I got nails done...Den drove to the next town for kitty food...they only eat certain kinds...gluten grain free ones...and we have to alternate stores because not one store carries what they eat...and...did you know that Roxie and Lucy can love a certain food and eat it for days and than suddenly look at it disdainfully and walk away from it as though it's poison...we never give them the same flavor in a row...if they have turkey for breakfast...they might have salmon for lunch and perhaps bunny for dinner...but you have to change the order the next day...kitties are complicated...very complicated.

Then Costco! We never eat anything with sulfites, nitrates, or MSG and always organic or free range antibiotic free and local!

This was our lunch...a Costco hot dog? Soda? Yep! Two lunches cost $3.18! I probably got ten years worth of nitrates in one Costco hot dog but it was sooooo good! Lol!

A quick stop to Fresh Market gave us pasta for dinner and Gelato Fiasco for dessert...Chocolate Salted Caramel!

That was the last 5 we are showered, jammied up and chillaxing before dinner!

Reading this...yum!

Happy Friday Night!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Stuff Of Our Lives...

When Den is home we have to get on a less random schedule...we had tuna sandwiches for lunch yesterday...yum...tuna on whole grain bread, chips...just a few...and bread and butter pickles. But that was at 2:30...and I was not hungry for the rest of the had soup for dinner and I had a peanut butter sandwich and milk at 8:00 ( when I did feel hungry )...not good.

So...the dinner I was going to make last night is still in the refrigerator. And other than that dinner we are out of everything! And today...debating a movie as opposed to going shopping. The lure of The Enigma Machine and Cinema Suites calls to us! The idea of Den being home more is still still puts us into play mode...and nothing has been normal...we haven't worked out in three weeks's cold, we are lazy or we are popping into movies or doing other random things. Den is freaking out...I am just biding our time until we plan a workable schedule. It will happen once the newness wears off. doesn't help that even though technically Den is working less there are still phone calls and meetings that seem to take up just as much time. So...for now...we float...but just for a little while longer.

Reading this...I bumped it up because the review is due's a short book about espionage and two people...Celia and Henry. Celia was once a CIA spy...Henry still is...sort of...they meet for dinner in talk about their memories. But there seems to be something sinister behind their meeting. Oh...and they used to be involved...with each other...

With arms filled with kitties...I bid you a great day!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!!!

We are tackling yet one more irritating cleaning chore today...and that would be...the top of the kitchen cabinets. Now...normally that would be straight forward and easy...a swipe of a Swiffer...a little bit of Murphy's Oil Soap and we are done!

Hmmm...but...unfortunately I have a collection up there...way up high...hand made birdhouses from all over the country...even one from Norway when Den worked there...and...we need to dust them? Wipe them off? Sigh! Double sigh! But we are doing it! Of course when we decide to do that one thing...Den will notice the windows that need washing and dust will get on the floor, appliances, cabinets...this needs a big triple sigh!

See how way high up they are? And that's just the small section...I took photos of the rest but you could actually see the mom would have been so mad at me...she dusted daily...obviously I do not. But if I can't even reach can I dust them?

Reading this...description from Amazon...

"As Good As Dead performs an exquisitely tuned psychological high-wire act as it explores the dangers that lie in wait when trust is poisoned by secrets and fears."

I read mixed reviews but I am hopeful about my reading experience with it...

I finished this one but I did not like it...I somehow didn't realize it was about horse racing, jockeys and gambling...none of which I enjoy reading got great reviews but it just was not for me. I hate when that happens.

Off to chill...and try to stay warm! These two know when they need each!
Lucy is very manipulative and Roxie goes along with anything. If Lucy needs her...she is there.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tearin' Down The House!

Den was at the office yesterday but home the rest of the week so we allotted today as a stay home all day and take down our 2 1/2 trees and put away Christmas Day. We have literally been working since 9:30 and we are almost finished...almost! It's 3:42 now. Den is vacuuming up a billion pine needles and all we have to do is put the furniture back. But the entire morning has been chaos...bins, Santas, cats in bins, cats tipping bins, cats playing with lights and bells, cats finding toys under sofas...I am sweaty and exhausted...and Den wants to wash the sunroom windows? No way...

I hate chaos! I hate things out of order! This is the pine needle free!

I had to pack away our normal decorations, paintings, etc. to put up all of the holiday stuff so it's not just packing Christmas's unpacking, too.

Bye bye tiny Santas, tiny angel from when I was little, tiny kitty salt and pepper shakers, tiny snowmen and quilted Santa table runner with bells that Roxie played with! See you in 11 months!

Hello Santa free fireplace! Our skater stays there until April 1!!!

Time for a shower, a glass of wine...and a good book!

I leave you with this thought...thank you cinderellainrubbershoes!

Monday, January 12, 2015

More Football Tonight?

Oh my...poor Den...his beloved Broncos let him down sad. I had to quickly bake something with chocolate chips in it to make him feel better...ooey gooey chocolate chip bars that soothed his sad sorry soul. Tonight most of my Ohio family will be glued to the tv watching Ohio State play...hmmm...I actually don't know who they are playing...but practically everyone in the tiny town I grew up in has some affiliation to Ohio State...practically everyone went to college I sneak upstairs to watch Prince Farming...The Bachelor...we will watch it, too.

Books! Big beautiful bodalicious books!

This is a story that takes place around the time of WWI...

This one is described as a sort of adventure/wild story.

Another YA...I know...I swore off of them...but this one is getting some BUZZ!

And another WWI book...

Reading this now...extremely yummy! FBI agents Stevens and Windermere are called upon to get involved in yet another horrific crime. This is the third book in this series...I read Kill Fee...the book before this one and it was very good. This one is too, so far. I am still reading Hush Hush but only in the middle of the night.

I am listening to ice fall on the roof!
My new motto!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Today Is All About Football!

Finished this...just is a beautiful book. A Japanese story alternates with a present day story and both are simply captivating.

And that ends my three book at a time odyssey...I get to finish Hush Hush all by itself!

Happy Sunday!