Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hmmm...Sheer Randomness!

Other than the fact that I have long brown hair...I want my hair to look like this!!!

I can't even begin to figure it out...from Pinterest, of course. But to just be able to tumble your hair into this at night for dinner?
I will figure this one out!

The winner of The Year Of The Gadly...Ti from Bookish Chatter!!!

I just finished this...Berkshires, summer, Dragonfly Lake, Peach Bellinis, swimming,
love angst, even salted almonds! This book has everything.

We began planting...just a few pots...but that summer feeling is within reach!!!
Here is the front door...I always put a fern on the bench...I have to get that tomorrow!
That's me in the reflection with my pink iPad!

Another pot...I always plant pink, purple, blue and white trademark.
See my rusted horse? I love him! Every year Den asks me if he can clean him up and every year I scream NO!

Happy Saturday!!!

We are off to dinner...we are light meat eaters but we are both craving steaks. I want a wedge salad and a little fillet and a baked potato!
And a crisp cool drink...and ice cream!

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Not Much Is Nice In Niceville! But That Is A Good Thing!

Carsten Stroud

What it's mostly about...but there is so much more...

A young boy disappears on the way home from school...this seems to set the pace for about a million other odd and unexplainable things happening in the town of Niceville.

My thoughts...

This book contains a whole lot of crazy. Fabulous, fascinating, heart pounding crazy!!! the beginning...the chapters do not seem all that connected. But as I got deeper and deeper into the heart of this book...there were tons of amazing connections. The characters are all odd...some of them Delia Cotton...lovely little bourbon sipping old lady. Others are just mean and Tony Bock...mean and nasty wife abuser. The chapters have the most delightful Merle Zane Meets The Woman In The Forest or Tony Bock Has An Epiphany. The writing is absolutely treasurable...filled with lovely words that sort of sing!

However...this is not a light fun filled book. Something dark and sinister is lurking in Niceville and has been there doing very bad things for a long long time.
I think that pretty much says tons. It seems also that anyone coming close to this sinister thing...this badness...puts themselves in the gravest of dangers. The central issue seems to have begun back in the time of the Civil War. It involves four connected old Southern families. It involves a young girl's honor...and of course it involves vengeance and perhaps even redemption. And it involves this bank robbery that has profound ramifications...dishonest cops, and the FBI, and computer geeks and pornography.

Oh my!!!

This book is scary and funny and mad all at the same time...

What I Loved...

I loved the sort of upstanding characters...especially Nick and Kate. I loved the badness of the bad guys. It was awesome! I loved the suspense and excitement of each chapter. I loved the scariness...because although it was scary...I could handle it and it sort of made sense. I loved Mildred Pierce the Maine Coone Cat and the fact that no animals were harmed in this book! I loved the horse...the huge majestic horse that added another realm of otherworldliness to this novel.

What I Did not Love...

I did not love the crows. Nor did I love the mirror. I didn't even like the weird sort of rock structure that looms over the town. I did not like any of the bad guys...especially the one who drove the yellow hummer. Scary stuff...

This was a big huge juicy scary fun novel. I can even see it as an amazing movie!
And I will never look at crows and mirrors in the same way ever again...ever...
just saying...

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just Some Things To See!

See this dress?
This is the kind of dress that sings to me!
It is from a store called Pip-Squeak Chapeau!

See this?
It's from another shop that I love called Nation LTD. It's a dress, it's a wrap, it's everything you want it to be! I just bought the last one. It actually has a hood that you can't see...perfection for travel, don't you think?

See this?
Lucy has a brand new all terrain stroller for Maine!
I know...ridiculously too funny!!!
You should hear the comments when we walk with her...something like...I think that's a cat in that stroller!!! that a cat in a stroller?
We truly don't care because Lucy loves her afternoon power loves people watching,

See this?
I often wonder if we embarrass her by walking her in this...can a cat be embarrassed?

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Post Of Few Words!


More love...

Even more love...'s a lovely peaceful quiet rainy then sunny than rainy again no dinner to make Wednesday!

Either reading this...

or moments.

Or perhaps this...


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What Does This Say About Me?

I love this...

and this...

They are Grab and Go snack things from Real Simple Magazine via Pinterest. I love them. They will be in my cupboard and refrigerator tomorrow. The neatness of both of these appeals to me. No one will say...I need something to munch on...ever


This book is so very good! Odd, scary, off beat characters rule throughout this one.
Chapters with titles like Merle Zane Meets The Woman In The Forest and Delia Cotton's Afternoon Was Hard To Explain...OMG...sheer deliciousness and kind of scary, too...

This is the kind of offbeat book that pulls me in...with each amazing chapter!

I will finish it later today...I just saw a little bit of buzz about it on Shelf Awareness, too.

Enjoy your Tuesday!!!

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

What I Am Reading...

Last week involved lots of maintenance appointments...nails, hair, toes...and lots of guest prep...
I will never yearn to own a bed and breakfast ever!
Plus I had an allergic reaction to my hair color!!!
I have 4 weeks to figure this out or I can never leave my house again!!!

I did not touch a book for three days. I could barely keep up with Reeder and email...I barely played Words With Friends...I barely commented on any blogs...I was pathetic!

I emptied my dishwasher twice in one day!!!

Today...I am reading this...

I have grand plans to make this a relaxing week and finish this and toy with these...from NetGalley and Amazon Vine...grand and mighty plans for sure!

Plus...our Maine road trip is getting closer and our thoughts are on yard prep...getting things in order...and Maine!!!
I want to have blueberry pancakes at the Camden diner and run into Richard Russo.
Or Stephen King?

Oh boy!

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