Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rockin' Her Hoodie...

Hoodie...Day 2...
It appears to me as though she has an attitude about her hoodie.
Yep...definitely an attitude.

I truly think she is finally one with her hoodie!!!

Hood up or hood down?
Now this one seems to say to me more...I need one in every color!!!
Or at least pink?

I actually ordered her a basic gray and an all purpose black...those are her best colors...with gray she is nearly invisible...great for sneak attacks.
We are lovingly calling her Lil Meow Meow...
she is in the house!!!

On another note...I started to read Ashfall by Mike Mullin yesterday and finished it last night.  It was disasterously yummy.  A volcano eruption sort of in the heartland...weird premise but an awesome book!!!  My review as always is on GoodReads and Amazon.

And now I am reading a book that an author...Dale Mayer...sent to me...Tuesday's Child.
It is just what I need right now...suspense, mystery, nightmarish get me out of my reading brain freeze.  I am going to read two of her books in a row...maybe

Thank you, Dale, for thinking of me.
It is snowing here on the East Coast today.  My lovely pots of fall flowers are covered in tons of is amazing and quite beautiful.

Friday, October 28, 2011

More Halloween...Book Stuff...And Snow?

You probably did not know this about me.
I actually own a Pumpkin Purse.
And here it is.
I also have a Pumpkin Mug.
And here it is.
If you look carefully it says Capp booo chino!!!
I also am the proud owner of my very own Pumpkin Man!!!
Here he is.
He is resting quietly.
He has to defend himself against Lucy.

And when we sit down to have dinner...this greets us!!!

Pumpkin Placemats...
I can't believe October is almost gone.
I do not have very much turkey stuff to decorate with.
Turkeys are not even as remotely as cute as pumpkins but
December is just a short decorating step away!!!

Now books...
In spite of wanting to read the book I started...I was not in the mood for it.
I will read it later.
Kathy from BermudaOnion said it is fall and the fact that there are a lot of distractions contributes to this.  I think she is right.
Our little family celebrates our anniversary and both birthdays and then we are almost into Thanksgiving so this is a distracting time of year.  We had bathroom painting and the trip to Maine where I talked to my husband and Lucy for the entire drive there and back.
Usually I read quietly.
I am determined to choose a book today.
What I really should do is not choose...just go to one of my Kindle collections and start with the first one and just read it.

It is the choices that are making me crazy.
And feeling moody.
Not sad moody...just weird moody.
And we have a snow forecast for tomorrow night...I still have flowers growing everywhere.

Thank goodness Lucy Grace is ready for snow!!!

Not quite the look I was going for and she won't walk with it on.
But still cute...don't you think?

Happy Start to the week end everyone!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

In A Bit Of A Book Muddle?

I have no clue what this sort of weird thing I do is called...I don't know if I am obsessive or compulsive or both or neither.
Sometimes I cannot decide what I want to read.
The fit of Patty and her book has to be perfect. is the thing...once I start a book I refuse to allow myself to change it.
So...I have downloaded Shine to my Kindle but I did not start it. 
It was too sad right now.
Then I downloaded Clockwork Prince to my Kindle but...
that was not a good fit either...I could sort of tell by just looking at it.

Then I downloaded Practical Jean to my Kindle and finally
that felt just right.
So that is what I am reading
and it is really good.
So far.
I will let you know.

Today is Pasta Thursday at our house.
This tradition was begun by my mom and my sister.
Now everyone I know...craves pasta on Pasta Thursday.
I am making home cooked sauce from our Italian store and home cooked meatballs from our Italian store. 
My job is defrosting and assembling.
And cheese sprinkling.
I might make almost home made garlicky cheese bread.
If I am not too tired.

Happy Pasta Thursday!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let's Go Shopping!!!

I think I am a seasonal shopper...I love certain things in the fall.  New boots and a new bag and some comfy tees and sweaters, black tights, scarves, a hat or two.
I switch lipsticks and glosses to whatever new reddish shade is shown and I am a happy camper.
I am in love with Nars stuff...shadows, liptints and glosses.  I love Clinique's chubby lip and moisture filled and you can apply them without a mirror.  They don't even need to be sharpened.  You wind them.  I love love love It is better than actually going to a store.  Free samples no shipping charges and a speedy delivery.  Plus you build up bonus money every time you shop. And it comes off of your orders.
Plus always a free great gift.
Sundance Catalog...the best bags, shoes, gloves and jewelry. 
Garnett Hill...sweaters and soft dresses.
Free People...almost everything is amazing.
Wildfox Couture...the best hang around the house tees and jerseys. go to place for men's sweats...there is nothing better than oversized men's sweats to wear around the house when you are lounging.
Philosophy...they have a new cream called 27 softens anything...heels hands is amazing.

  I need these, too. 
 Measuring cups.
From Anthropoligie.  I adore Anthropologie.

The house must be seasonalized too...a change out of quilts and throws and pillows.  Warmer deeper colors that sing to me when it is cold outside.
And baby it gets cold outside.
Foods get more seasonal, too.  Pumpkins and squashes and green green veggies.  Apples and cider and sharper cheeses.
I don't even mind that it gets darker earlier. I love these crisp fall days.
Hot cider...yum...cold cider...yum.
A stack of amazing books to read.

I just ordered Lucy two of these.
I think she needs them.
You can get them at Amazon.
She can't wait.

Do seasons rule any of your life? 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Where Did These Books Come From? is the thing...I preorder seems as though they are staggered and not going to come for months and months...
and then...
the notices that they are on my Kindle begin to trickle torrential downpour in!!!
Even Lucy looks on in wonder as my Kindle sizzles!!!

But how can I not want to read...

I just love virtual bookshelved!!!

Now I just need to get to them!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday...Sunday...I Love This Day...

Sunday includes the following...

A special breakfast made at we had country fresh eggs and ham and cinnamon rolls...just the pop out of the can ones. 
Still good. 
Every Sunday we make great plans to go out for breakfast and every Sunday we I back much nicer to stay in...relax...unwind.

Hours with the New York the Style and Book Review sections.

After the papers I read...and listen to Dennis sleep.
More football.
And the dreaded Red Zone.

But this is the gift I give to my husband.
I sit with the same room...while all of this football drones on.
And on...
My husband is a man of many teams.
I think it is because we have lived in so many different places.
He grew up in Colorado and adores the Broncos.
I grew up in Ohio and never watched football.
Does Ohio even have a football team?
And now he loves the Philadelphia Eagles and yesterday it was
Penn State and I think his college team played.
Actually I guess I give him 2 days of football.
He actually points things out to me and asks me to look at the TV.
I will never get it. But I think that I look every once in a while...
Just for him.
And sometimes I even ask a question like...are those arrows on the field fake or real or why do they wear those towels tucked into their pants and look at Palomanu's is so long!!!
Important stuff like that.
By the time we get to the end of this festive day...we usually cancel dinner.
Or we let ourselves have a treat for dinner.
Pumpkin pie last week.
I think tonight we are having ice cream.
So much fun. would not be fall without it...
not in this

How did you spend your Sunday?