Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Stuff!

We never made it to Costco yesterday...but we are on our way today! Instead of Costco we stopped at the Produce Place...where they literally think of everything!

Pre prepped veggies for stir fries and roasting! $4.99 each! Aren't they beautiful? Even fresh cabbage steaks for roasting...yum! It's just the amount that I need! Plus...they make salads and homemade hummus. I love this place.

Cabbage steaks!

Yummy hummus!

I roast these, too!

These are called candy sweet!

Veggies for snacking...prepped fresh each morning by The Produce Place!

Fruit...these are South Carolina peaches...soooo good!

Dinner! I am making a Fish Stew from Food's filled with fresh wild caught cod, scallops, shrimps and clams! We have a yummy baguette for dipping!

This book is so good! Here's the premise. A man has been in prison for years...convicted of killing his wife because she was having an affair. He is being released to come home to die...he has cancer. His three children are there but almost no one thinks that he didn't do it. There are protestors in front of his house almost daily. And secrets are everywhere! It's beautifully written and I am really into it.

So...we had a busy morning at Costco and Whole Foods and we are in for the day.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Another Lunch Date!

Den and I are off to lunch today! Yeah! He feels so much better! We are going to lunch here again...

I want the tomato caprese salad with a lump of blue crab on top! Then we get to go to Costco! Oh boy! A field trip to Costco...I think we are getting a new bedroom TV!

Finished this...

Started this...soooo good!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Love Lunching!

When I was teaching I had a favorite spot to work when I was on break...the library! Sue and Mary ran the was a beautiful place to hide! Lol! None of us are working any more so we meet for lunch ever few months...every one is busy traveling, painting, gardening, reading or kitty we love our lunches together.

I wanted to take pictures of us but we were chatting so much that I forgot! Next time!

We went here.

I had this...look at the little sweet frites holder! I could only eat the middle and one piece of toast on my sandwich...I brought the other half home and Den devoured it! But the frites were freaking amazing! I shared with Mary and between us we finished them all...

Just finished good...70's Hotlanta ( Atlanta )...pimps, ladies of the night, dysfunctional families and a crazy shooter! This book is written so well that I had no clue who the shooter was...

Off to relax...and prep for dinner!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's Amazing!

We are getting responses from Ridgid and Home Depot about our very bad naughty generator. We are actually finally getting phone calls and emails from real people who are promising to help us! We could cry! Our power went out last night...again...but came back on. However...people all around us lost power. We were prepared to be without power for days...we purposely had no food in the refrigerator, ice cream bars were all gone, we ate a fast dinner before the storm, our toys were charged, our headlamps were at our side...the girls wear theirs like was preparing to tell Den my life story yet again...and suddenly there was light!

But stores and shops around us were still without power this morning! I hate overhead power lines!

Books! New ones! I love new books!

I am reading this good! Starts off really great!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It Is Hot!

We need cool foods today! Gazpacho? Watermelon? Icy cold anything?

Food 52...has some amazing foods this week...

Zucchini pancakes!

Grilled Peas!

Greens and potato pancakes!

Grilled bread and green stuff!

We made this on was soooo yummy! Flank steak! Leftovers went into a salad the following good!

Still reading and loving this...quirky smart characters and tons of excitement...perfect for middle schoolers! Love this series!

Now I just want to lie low and stay cool!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Stuff!

Den is at work today! The girls and I are regrouping from a week of coughing and generating! Sigh!

I regroup with books! Fantasy, witches, vampires...especially nice ones like Matthew!
Chases, quests, villains, quirky characters...that is what is defining my reading week!

So...I am off to escape!

Happy Monday!