Friday, December 16, 2011

What About Books?

It has come to my attention that I have not been chatting about books!!!
I am reading reading reading and writing reviews but not really doing that much talking about them here.
What is up with that?
Here is the answer.
I think it is because of the holidays.
There is a lot of stuff going on here.
I have an event planned for every day.
We are on the move at this house.
We are going to do something festive everyday.
or else!!!
I have even made a list of festive things to do before Christmas as well as a list of even more festive things to do after Christmas.
This little two person one cat two zebra finch family has traditions!!!
And we stick to them or else.
When we are not ho ho ho ing we are most definitely fa la la ing.
Yes we are.
I am the person who put a wreath on the front of my SUV.
Until my husband cried and begged me not to.
Now I just put a festive stuffed moose in the drink holder.
Take that, Scroogie husband!!!
And my itty bitty kitty LucyGrace has no less than two Christmas hoodies plus various Santa hats, reindeer horns and fluffy red ruffled collars.
Even Jake and Jack...the amazing rescued zebra finches...get presents under the tree and a huge red bow on their cage.
That is what I mean by traditions!!!
Books...yes...this was supposed to be about's the holidays...if a book gets read or not who really cares...
Santa Claus is coming to town!!!
I bet you are not as into books right now either!!!

The Day After... is the day after Prom...
Prom boy had a wonderful time.
Private tour of Winterthur.
Elegant dinner.
Limo there and back.
Lovely yummy cocktails
Soft music
He looked very Cary Grantish in his tux or Edwardy...
depending on my mood.
A lovely time was had by all.
But me
I had a combo cereal bowl for dinner.
Special K
A banana
Entertainment for me for the evening?
Did you know that there is nothing on television on Thursday nights?
I played BigFish Hidden Object games.
I played Words With Friends with strangers.
I bugged Lucy.
I lurked on blogs.
I finally fell asleep.
My fairy godmother was a no show.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Loving My Lists...

Have I ever mentioned that I have a small tendency to be obsessive?
I haven't?
The danger of having tons of techie toys around is that I am compulsively making lists for everything.
Espeically on Notes on my iPAD...
I love Notes...they are yellow and look like a legal pad which is my favorite kind of thing to make lists on. 


Here is my December list tally so far...

Things to buy in general
Reservations made...I got carried away with Groupon and bad.
Book reviews due
Books to read soon
Den's Christmas List
Lucy's Christmas List
Things I need to do this week
Things I need to do next week
Possible outfits for dinners for all of the reservations I made
Things that should be cleaned this year
Things Den and I should discuss to keep me happy

And that is just the beginning.
I do love to make a good list.
I love to check things off of my list.
The problem is I am not checking off enough.
It is rainy/dreary/yucky today.
I just want to cuddle up on the sofa and look at our bare tree.
Den is going to prom tonight.
I am not going.
It's actually business but he has to wear a tux.
Partners/spouses/special people are not invited.
I feel like Cinderella.
Except that no one will be making me a carriage out of a pumpkin.
Even though I saved two out in the garden for just such an occasion.
I will not have glass slippers but...
I will be wearing UGGS when his limo picks him up.
I will take pictures and wave good bye and hope that he has a lovely time.
I think.

Tell me not to add one more thing to my list.

Lucy is even weary of my lists...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree...


Oh how I love Christmas...
I love it.
I love Christmas trees.
I love Santas.
I love snowmen.
I love to collect them.
This is my tree collection.
Some of my trees are made out of chenille...they have rusty bells and stars on them.
I always scattered these trees all around the house but this year I put all of my trees together on my pie safe.
I kind of love it this way.
Yesterday we drove to Glen Willow Farms and bought a beautiful wreath...huge and filled with greenery and magnolia leaves and berries and pinecones for the front door.
And another for in between the garage doors.
And the red antique sled gets a bower of greens and its own bow and stands in between the garage doors.
And some more greens on the green iron bench by the front door.  And a sparkly reindeer which I thought was a bear for two years sits on the bench.
And sparkles away.
And more greens and bows for the mailbox.
And tomorrow the tree!!!

 And don't you just have a spot in your book reader's heart for lovely Christmas books?
The Polar Express and Bad Kitty Christmas and Dream Snow...
You press a button and you hear snow... tinkling...I love it.
 I put them out all over the house and read and reread them every year.  They are kid ones so that it is easy to do. And David Baldacci's The Christmas Train...I love that book.

Happy Monday!!!

So Sweet And Yet So...

She looks like an innocent angel...
a sweet little kitty cat.
Until the Christmas bins come out.
We swear she remembers everything inside of them.
She has been on a hunt since yesterday.
She wants a certain snowman.
He carries a little fake evergreen tree in his cute little snowman arms.
He comes out every year.
And every year she pines for him
and yearns for him
and battles him.
Right now he is in the closet.
I had to rearrange the tippy top of the book cases because I had a Santa on top who was carrying a fabric tree.
But it was green and looked like the tree the snowman carries.
Can animals see colors?
I thought they couldn't.
She has literally leaped from the sofa to the top of the shelves and sits next to the Santa.
This morning we found quite a few snowmen and Santas on the ground.
And my Norwegian Mr. and Mrs. Claus on the floor.
We couldn't figure out how she did it because they were on a shelf.
But today I saw her method.
Once she is on the top of the shelves she simply reaches down and hits them to the ground.
This makes her happy.
Very happy.
I did not think she was that conniving.
But she is.

As much as I love her...she looks kind of not so nice in this photo of my now empty bookcase.
As though she engineered this.
And she did.

Yes she did...
my little angel has evil plans and nasty tricks on her mind!!!