Saturday, February 14, 2015

Oh No! Don't Snow!

We really have not had any real amounts of snow here this year. The forecasters scare us...and everybody races to the store to get supplies...we prep the generators...and then nothing happens. The really bad part of living where we live is that it is so easy for the power to go out. Overhead power lines...wind...a good nor'easter and we all have our headlamps on.

So...we have lucked out this year...until tonight...Valentine's Day Dinner Date is supposed to happen between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM. We have a dinner reservation at 8:00 PM.

The forecast is only for three inches...but the forecast said...poor visibility...freezing temps...wind...the dreaded and dastardly wind...and God only knows what else!

Oh me oh we stay or do we go?

Happy Valentine's Day?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Brrrrr...In Fact...Double Triple Very Windy Bundle Up Brrrrrrrrr!

Den bought me this scarf/hoodie thing a few years ago and I have others but not like this is big and warm and thick and it's my go to warm "thing" when it's this cold...someone said 1 degree tonight? Is this possible?

Saw this yesterday...

Ate a wedge salad with a pretzel roll! At the movies! So good and the pretzel roll? OMGD! Who needs popcorn? Den and I love Cinema Suites! It's kind of nice having Den at home to play with!

Finished Amherst...I actually liked it...I think I spelled it wrong yesterday...whoopsie! I actually think I spelled it wrong all over the place! Yikes!

There's a ton of Emily Dickinson poetry in Amherst but the juicy stuff...about her brother and Mabel and Mabel's husband? Kind of like Shades Of Gray in the late 1800's. But this book is one of those flash back books...which I often don't like...

Reading this...I love this kind of book...

I hope I love this one!

Off to vacuum!

Happy reading!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Emily Dickinson...Obsessive Compulsive Disorder...And Chicken?

Reading this and truly enjoying it...I had no clue that Emily Dickinson wore tons of white and was a recluse? This book subtly slides between Emily's era and Alice's era...Alice is "the right now" character with a life that seems to be paralleling the lives of some of Emily's acquaintances. This book is one of those books that surprises the reader...this reader anyway!

Now...the obsessive/compulsive part...maybe not compulsive...that would be me...not Emily.

Everything I use must be lined up that obsessive? Compulsive? Or just weird? Everything here is evenly spaced...I can't just set a lid down randomly!

My desk...the back part does not bother me but the stuff on top of my desk...has to be straight! Yikes! Even that book has to be angled in just the right way...hmmm...perhaps I just have an extreme sense of order?

We are determined to find this place today...I guess you can see why!

Anyway...while I am self analyzing...and becoming paranoid...and thinking of crispy broasted chicken...

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's All About Some Love!

This face...I love this face...asthma inhalers...cold laser treatments...glucosamine in her food every day...we do it all...she endures it all...I love this sweet girl! Den even brings her breakfast upstairs to her every she goes to the top of the stairs and waits to be served. If she is sleeping upstairs and I am downstairs she will wake up and literally fly out of her bed to find me...she will jump into my lap as if to say "I missed you".

This face...Roxie...races through the house with a huge fluffy tail...follows me Lucy and does everything Lucy does...we have only had her for two years but I can't remember a time without her. She shows all of us so much love...and she adores her Lucy!

Reading this...just started real thoughts about it yet! more thing I love clean as Den and I eat all of the I am making jello with walnuts and bananas with Cool Whip on top. Filled with preservatives, sugar and the dreaded carrageenan that we avoid in our food and in kitty foods. But my mom made this all of the time...we are both craving it...the walnuts are organic and if Den finds organic whipped cream we will use that but the jello...OMGD! This photo is from a blog called Just A Pinch but it looks just like my mom's looked...even that same glass dish...I hate those words...artificial flavor! I hope our bodies don't go into shock!

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Simply Stuff...

Reading good...starring a totally dysfunctional yet brilliant ex detective...Keye Street...

From Amazon...

“An explosive read . . . Amanda Kyle Williams sets the classic private eye novel on fire.”—#1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Child

Hailed by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution as “one of the most addictive new series heroines,” Keye Street is the brilliant, brash heart of a sizzling thriller full of fear and temptation, judgments and secrets, infidelity and murder."

Love these...but my style is relaxed...oversized...I now have four of these...I literally wear them all summer...I need to find just one more...they are perfect for car trips or just shopping...comfy, cool especially with shorts underneath...this one is made by Tigerlily and it's from a shop called SurfStitch.

Love this...comfy and a throw on any time...these are all from Urban Outfitters! style...boxy and comfy...

Yum...I have this one in black...this is the time of year I start thinking about Spring/Summer and fun travel and easy toss on pack able pieces...

That's it for me...back to my yummy's again icy outside...Den is at the office today and the girls and I are staying in...I love a stay in day! Either toasted cheese and tomato soup for dinner or Den will bring home dinner...Mexican from Red Sombrero!

Happy Reading!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Ice Ice Baby!

We are slip sliding across the way neighbor just posted that she literally saved herself from falling in her driveway only to slide down four steps and hurt herself!

We are staying..."in da house" today! I am making big fat turkey meatballs and pasta and sauce for dinner later...

Anyone watch the Grammies last night? Annie Lennox rocked the house but I loved Hozier, too. Madonna? Hmmm... Tony Bennett and Gaga? Tom Jones?

New books! Love love love NetGalley!


"In this kaleidoscopic novel, a love-struck radio operator discovers a secret society offering mind-bending performance art in war zones around the world..."


Atmospheric Thriller!

Mystery, murder, madness, mayhem!

Reading this...more mystery, murder, madness and mayhem!

Happy Monday!