Saturday, July 19, 2014

Book Prints!

I saw these on Book Riot. The lovely Cassandra Neace is responsible for sharing can take a photo of your books or bookshelf and get fabric made from it! I am going to do that with one of my shelves! The site that makes the fabric is called Spoonflower! I tried some and it's so easy!

Lucy and Roxie fabric? it!

Still reading's really a lovely book...there is a war raging and two women besties are growing apart...this book is filled with beautiful writing.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 18, 2014


Den is home! He is taking off next week and we are going to have a week of fun...other then trim painting, island painting, vet appointments for both girls, delivery of our new generator, and replanting some really dead flowers! Plus we need to clean, and dust and wipe down wood floors and trim...a fun fun week! Oh boy! I could have done lots of this stuff this week when he was away all week but I wanted to save some fun for Den!

Plus...we wanted a bigger flat screen for our bedroom BUT we have a cabinet in our bedroom that the tv fits in...BUT...Den measured wrong or wasn't thinking straight...or something and the new TV is far too long for the cabinet so we are going to go to my fave place...and look for a peely whitish dresser something or other to place it on! So excited! I love buying peely white furniture! Love it!

Reading is so good! I enjoy this author's Maisie Dobbs books but this one is a stand alone with different is really really lovely to read!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I forgot to say that these are at Urban Outfitters! Love these!

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Finished this...very good!

Reading this...very good!

Wearing black and white! It's literally a dress on me.

Want it in red, too...should I?

Den is on his way home from four long days in Minnesota...making tomato/cucumber salad, a cabbagey slaw...which I am terrible at...and these! Corn Cakes from Food 52!

Now I need to decide if we should grill salmon...or if Den should stop at Walt's for the best fried chicken in Delaware...hmmm...tough decision...

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bits And Bobs!

This book is soooo good! It's chock full of vampires...grown up all over NYC! It's my guilty pleasure today...sent by the publisher...not one of my NetGalley, Vine or Edelweiss ones...I will read it all the live long day!

Kimonos...I finally found just the right one...I can toss it over anything this summer...I love it! I found it at a quirky shop called Urban Outfitters.

But I am actually going to wear clothes with is yummy in real life! The perfect summer toss on...

And I might actually have bought the blue one, too...and again...wearing pants with mine! Or longer shorts...

Cravings...fried green tomatoes over cheesy grits? OMG!

These are from Joanne...

She says that they are loosely based on a recipe from the Tupelo Honey Cookbook...which I have and love!

This Panzanella Salad from BonAppetit! Doesn't it look good? to feel less guilty and clean/organize at least one thing! I should get on the treadmill but I am more in the mood for outside exercise...or a day off today...I will put my Fitbit on Roxie...well...when she wakes up...

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fantasy And Food?


I read in genres sometimes. Bursts of mysteries, bouts with literary fiction, and of fantasy! I never liked reading fantasy...I held on to certain books...Harry Potter was one of them...until my sister Paula said...just read it! She did the same thing with Cassandra Clare's books. But once I did start reading fantasy...there are times when I just crave it...thus...this week I am heavily into fantastic this one!

It's a nail biter! Ashyn and Moira and their pets...a hound and a huge cat...have to venture into the Forest Of The free souls...and very bad and scary things are happening! It's so good...I have two kitties in my lap fighting and I still can't stop reading!


I need to make every one of these! From my much loved Food 52!

California Gazpacho...

Fish Chowder or Fish Soup...all potatoey and coddy and creamy...

A simple radish sandwich...with mustardy mayo and avocado...

Back to my book and thoughts of my radishy lunch!

Happy Tuesday! We have tons of rain and flash flood warnings and fog and cooler weather! The girls and I are not budging today!

Here we are...not!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday's Book Stash!

A special thank you to Cassie from Disney and also to Seneca from Simon & Schuster for The Midnight Thief ( Cassie ) and Flights And Chimes...( Seneca ) Garth Stein book came from Simon & Schuster, too!

I am also reviewing a lovely box of organic goodies! We use Chia Seeds daily but I can't wait to try Coconut Sugar and Coconut Flour! The Maca Powder will go into's an energy booster! Thank you, Robert!

Just about finished with this YA's got just about everything a book like this needs...including Gargoyles, Wardens, Demons and a Half Warden/Demon...that would be Layla. Seriously...muscles could not get any more carved and ripped than on Zayne and Roth...don't you love those names? Lol...I loved this boo

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rain! It's A Rainy Day!

Breakfast! Our new fave!

Toasted ciabatta bread with smooshed avocado, a dippy egg with freshly grated cheese on top and a tomato salad!

Still reading this...

Shameless photos of these two...

Happy Sunday!