Friday, June 23, 2017



This one was really fascinating but near the end I just wanted this book to end.


And this...I don't think I even mentioned this comes from my stash of paper arcs. It was good...another dysfunctional twin book.

I looked at this and then put it down...again.

I continue to read this but it certainly isn't a speedy kind of reading experience...

I started far it's kind of weirdly oddly interesting.


I think I was numb this week...I still am. A old teacher friend suffered a stroke like illness. I talked to another teacher friend who is in recovery from cancer. I tried to live up to my own expectations of what I should be doing now. I failed...I am still fatigued and trying to recover.


Hmmmm...the places I went this week!

Literally nowhere exciting...I organized a section of my closet and found tons of tees that I forgot I owned. I changed out the kitty beds...they are still fighting over one bed. I stayed downstairs more. I started a new Netflix series. I made a great salad dressing...Honey Dijon. I checked out all of the flowers all around the house. I watched a stupid boy band show. I watched The Bachelorette. I watched So You Think You Can Dance. I watched The Real Houseives Of New York. All of these are mindless things that I should not waste time on but sometimes I need mindless. I watched my hair try to grow. I helped Den organize one kitchen cabinet. I tried to stay calm. I tried to be happy. I colored. I read. I played games. I actually slept through the night all week. I walked for 16 minutes straight on my treadmill. I worked out with weights.

Next week I hope to have better adventures. Next week I hope to have adventures!

See you on Monday!





Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Peanut Butter Cookies And Life... one seems to make peanut butter cookies any more...none of the bakeries around us do and I need these to be so close to homemade that they appear homemade. I don't want to make them. Sigh! I hate cookie making. Look at these rough edges and the slightly misshapen form. The closest thing I found in my search yesterday was a peanut butter tart in a graham cracker crust with chocolate ganache and chopped peanuts mixed in but it won't be the same. I am giving my craving one more day and it will be gone! I hope!

Yesterday we tried something new with the kitties...we replaced two smallish beds with one big new has a yummy soft lining and an egg crate mattress. We just swapped it out and this was the result! However...within the next 10 minutes Roxie was somersaulting into Lucy and the peacefulness was ended. They don't seem to understand that they can spread out...when Roxie spreads out she uses the space to somersault into Lucy...Roxie is ever the annoying little sister. No matter what that bedroom chair is not mine any more. They have staked a claim.

I am still enjoying both of these books...


But I have barely started this one...

I have to share that I am scared today. Today is the official end to Chemo. I had my last one exactly three weeks ago. Since then I have had a cat scan and bloodwork and today I will talk to my oncologist. If everything is as it should be...there will be a longer time until I see him again. So...every pain or ache or anything weird will continue to freak me out. My job is to learn how to deal with all of this scary stuff.

I hope I can.













Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My Random Reading Continues...

Yesterday I read tons from these two books...

I seriously hate when the number of stars a book gets affects my thoughts about it. I thought that I had only heard really good things about Magpie Murders but its reviews are that readers either love it or hate it. I am really enjoying it but...those 3 star reviews are lurking in the back of my head! What makes me like this book?'s the same way with The Chalk Artist...readers either love it or hate it and compare it to this author's first book...The Cookbook Collector...which most readers really loved. However most readers are only lukewarmish about this one. Sigh!

This makes me seriously wonder why I choose the books I choose but it makes me understand why I read newer books fast and furiously. I am so fickle about books.

I would actually rather just talk about a book than review it. I love book talking!

Roxie has me trapped here for a while. She and Lucy often battle over this spot. Lucy is in her bed...but she will wake up...come over and give Roxie fake kisses to try and nudge her usually doesn't work with Roxie...Roxie will put her tiny hand on Lucy's head and push her away and Lucy will look at me sadly and retreat to the beds...the comfy, therapeutic heated beds with fresh soft blankets. Or...when Lucy gets up Roxie will race over to the bed that Lucy just left...and plop herself in it. By the time Lucy gets back to "her"'s occupied. And no one wants the empty perfectly fine other bed. Am I raising little tiny kitty divas? Is Roxie more controlling than Lucy? Is Lucy just gracefully giving in to the antics of her "little sister".

Den has poison ivy under his eye...we have to pick up Lucy's inhaler...I have to have a blood test...and our food plan for today is nonexistent other than a salad for lunch.





Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Is Usually All About Books...

So...I am all over the place with books...kind of reading three at a time and they no longer have to be in different genres! I am soooooo excited about that! I can pick up a it...put it back down...then watch a little TV...pick up my shiny new that book for a while...then pick up another book! I used to think my sister in law was so wrong because this is the way she reads. But now I love this random reading! I am still a stickler for choosing the right books and finishing every book I start but I am proclaiming myself a Random Reader! Yahoo! Actually I am now a three at a time random reader!

I am reading this...when Roxie lets me. I love this one...Collin meets Nina. Collin draws on black chalkboards and doesn't care if his beautiful work gets erased. Nina is a new teacher who grades her student papers in Collin's restaurant but her father owns this virtual game...Everwhen...that everyone wants to play. I am at the part where Nina wants Collin to meet her father...that's all I know other than the game plays a huge role in this book...I think!

Reading this on my's a yummy sort of modern day cozy English mystery that starts off with a murder that doesn't look like a murder...yet. It's a comfy book and I am really into the characters. Some authors just do character descriptions so well and this author is one of them.

Plus I am reading this one, too...but I really only just started it...that's Den's homemade's so good in the afternoon.

Today felt like a regular normal day! I yearn for those! Treadmill and weights after Den's special berries and granola and yoghurt bowl for breakfast. Organic nitrate free hot dogs for lunch...yum! A little bit of food prep...I made a Dijon Balsamic Salad Dressing for our dinner salads. There was a post somewhere about recipes for 9 kind of ordinary salad was called Catalina...which I only remember as a Kraft or French's childhood fave. Was it red? Making that tomorrow.

Now we are showered and relaxed...reading and watching TV. The only sad thing is that I am craving peanut butter cookies! These were in the NYT today.

I want one badly!

So...that's my Monday...I am off to randomly choose a book and read.