Thursday, November 3, 2016

Lost Days...Or Is This A Post About Crying?



After my treatment yesterday...we got home at about 2:00...I walked upstairs, took a shower, got in bed and slept until 6:15...when Den literally had to shake me to wake me up! I don't remember dinner at all! OMG! I think that a part of the treatment is an infusion of Benedryl which gives me really twitchy legs there and knocks me out when I come home.

Today I went to make a reconnection visit with our primary doctor. He made time for us to talk about all that has happened to me since surgery in July. He answered every one of my questions so patiently. I barely cried! He again...stressed that positive attitude that I have to have and its effect on my immune system...I think I am positive but every now and then there are tears...sad tears...pitiful tears for me that I try to get past. How sweet is it when your doctor hugs you and kisses your head before you leave! Of course I cried again!

Plus...certain parts of my life are on hold for now. I can't really travel...I am about 75% of my old self...I am often not hungry...I can't use my normal toothpaste...I can't use my normal mouthwash. I can't be around children. I can't get manicures or pedicures...I can't go to movie theatres. I get steroids once a week, too, and I think I have "roid rage". It's just petty stuff that won't be forever...but...I miss it. I won't miss the steroid rage...neither will Den. I cry really hard when I talk to my sister Paula...especially when she says she knows my mom is watching over me. I cry when I talk to my brothers. I know it embarrasses them but I still cry. I cry when I talk to my sister in law Betsy because she always is so calm and has great advice. I cry when I talk to my sister in law Kathy because she just keeps telling me how much she loves me. I cried when I talked to my brother in law Chris yesterday just because he says sweet things. Hmmm...I think I might cry a little no matter whom I talk to...that's what my neighbor Jane I just warn everyone that I am going to cry! Debbie the Nurse at the treatment center says it's ok to cry...but I am trying not to overdo it! Sigh!

Writing this post today is making me cry...just a little!


Reading and loving this book! I think it's YA but it reads a bit older...I guess being at a boarding school is most definitely a sign of YA. Watson is a boy...Holmes is a girl and it's in our time and they are generations removed from their Watson and Holmes relatives. The writing is fun! The writing is delicious. The characters are cool. The plot is fascinating!

I am fascinated with this giant meatball from Skinnytaste! I think I might have to make it! Garbage Bread and Giant Meatballs! What is up with my cravings lately?
I am tired today...
I hope your day is a lovely one!
Hugs always!




Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Not My Favorite Wednesday!

Oh well...this is me! Getting chemo therapy meds in! It was uncertain whether this would happen or not...I was booted out of the last two appointments...I didn't have enough white blood cells floating around in me. But they said this happens every now and then...they have decreased the amount of "stuff" I get to adjust to building up those white blood cells.


I am as relaxed as I can this situation...Den is by my side...he always is...we get blood work done and wait for the doctor to talk to was a good day. Every organ was ok...even my white blood cells. They were not behaving badly at all. So I go back to my little chemo has heated blankets and stuff to eat...TV and wireless and a lounging chair. Great insightful nurses who take the time to chat with the us. Debbie...I sincerely love you! Dr. know my fears and you take the time to calm me down! Den ran out for Kind Bars and lemonade for me...and we try to relax while the drugs go through me...killing both good and bad cells! Yikes!

I did not like this book...enough said!!

Not certain what I will read next...perhaps one of these?

Oh people who and be happy? Are so right!



Note...I think I fell asleep before I edited the first paragraph...I fixed the errors and am re sending could blame Roxie...she stepped on PUBLISH!


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

On To The Next Book...

Finished this early this morning with one cat in my lap and another resting on my leg...with the only light coming from my Kindle. Earlier I watched Roxie try to wake Den up by placing herself on the pillow behind his head...she loves to sniff his hair first...purr a little and then settle down almost on top of his head! I only know this because I am usually up reading or trying to fall back to sleep. Sigh! But at least this morning it was around four and I did fall back to sleep! Yes!

I need light and humor filled after The Masked I am reading this now.

From Amazon...

In the new novel from the author of Losing Me, one woman is about to discover what happens when you take the “grand” out of “grandma.”

So...Garbage Bread...was really good! I dipped mine in a ketchup mayo mixture...I know it sounds gross...but it was so good! You can make it with broccoli and spinach and scrambled eggs and sausage and sautéed potatoes...there is no end to the combinations. Ours tasted like a cheeseburger. I guess I could have eliminated the Velveeta but for certain things I am really into Velveeta! My mom made our toasted cheese sandwiches out of Velveeta and my dad put Velveeta on my lettuce once in a while I buy's a nostalgic kind of food for me!

A plethora of Garbage Bread!

Off to work out!




Monday, October 31, 2016


I am still in the midst of this's unique and fun and I love Irene...the sexy Librarian. She is funny because it seems as though her blood is always getting "stirred up" by certain "males" in her world. Her assistant, Kai, is a Dragon but he can have a human form, her enemy is a Fae, and the man she works with is a Human. Irene is sort of human but being the kind of librarian she is...she can do lots of super human things...this book is about locating Kai...who has been abducted. I know this series does not appeal to everyone but I love it!

Some really interesting new books...

From Amazon...

"Boundary-pushing and provocative, this is a novel about the twisted secrets families keep - and the fierce and terrible love that both binds them together and rips them apart."

What could be better than another Lisa Jewell book?


That's it! Once I finish The Masked City I can dive into these!

Have a lovely Monday!



Oh...I am making "Garbage Bread" for dinner tonight. It looks like this photo...and it is supposed to taste like a White Castle Hamburger! We used to live in St. Louis and after a party we would never fail to stop at White Castle for those tasty addictive tiny little hamburgers! We lived on a mountain and White Castle was just before we started our drive up the hill! I am making these a bit healthier by using organic ground turkey and I am eliminating the bacon! But...some of the cheese has to be Velveeta...and I am using that...sigh! This recipe is from Cookies And Cups. And apparently there are hundreds of recipes for different kinds of Garbage Breads...breakfast ones, too!