Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Winter Doldrums? I think I Have Them!

I think I have the kind of doldrums that make me want to stay in...not venture out in the freezing temperatures...and make soup!

I love my newest soup book. It makes just enough soup for dinner and another dinner...or lunch! The book is beautiful and has tons of tips and extras...there is even a recipe for tiny little grilled cheese bites!

Just a sampling of some of the soups in this book. There is even a section of chilled cold soups! I will save those for summer...

Pineapple Soup!

I almost hate saying this but I love making to do lists and staying organized...this tablet is my new venture into staying organized...

I really love this book and I didn't think I is about a multitude of dysfunctional husbands with an absolutely dizzying array of disorders...and not enough time to fix them!

Off to finish it!

Happy Reading!


  1. Glad you are enjoying The Wednesday Group...I'll be reading it soon.

    I love corn chowder!

  2. Our winter's been pretty mild (so far) and I am still over it. Spring can't come fast enough to suit me.

    You are the epitome of organization!

  3. I love the list organizer. Where did you find it? I need one. I am hoping to get back to normal soon, at least kind of...still struggling with pain.

  4. I love soup, to eat it not make it, but if I had a good cookbook like that one, imagine how much yummy pots of it I could make! Enjoy it.

    I love making lists, or I should say I need to make lists or I get all turned around. Now carrying out what's on the lists...not so much :)