Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday Is Fun Day! is the thing...Den has been going to physical therapy for an old sports related injury...and his therapist has been telling him about lots really cool restaurants in a town we have never heard of...or...rather we have heard of it but never bothered to even think we needed to go there for any reason...until today! From our driveway to this town? Probably 16 miles...and we never even thought about going there! It's quaint and filled with foodie places...the kinds of places that we we had lunch a global Asian Fusion kind of place...called Azie's...we loved it! It was refreshingly global!

Reading these...

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Isn't 'it funny how there are things so close to home that you don't even know about?

  2. How great! And 16 miles is you can go again...and again.