Monday, March 14, 2011

Book Mail...I Love Book Mail!!!

These came in the mail for reviews...

For review...

Blood Of My Brother by James LePore...This author will have a special promotion for his fourth book soon.  I just read and loved his first book.
Friendship Bread by Darien Gee
The Source Of All Things by Tracy Ross
The Life You've Imagined by Kristina Riggle
Iron House by John Hart...not released yet...

And of course...I just had to Kindle...

I have heard amazing things about The World House. It is described as blending of fantasy and adventure.  The Strip and The Heat are 99 cent Kindle books and are a part of a series called The Big Bad Wolf Series.  I just had to get them.  I adore Simon English writer who writes about murder and mayhem in quaint English villages. I have read his three other books and I love them.  Unnatural is another book I have been reading much about and really want to read.  Boarding school with a few vampires tossed in the mix...and an identity crisis...can't wait for this one.

I have my hands full this week.  I have to figure out how to read faster than anything!!!
I love my UPS man and our mail lady? person? girl? I don't know how to say this politically correctly!!!  I have to restrain myself from hugging my UPS man every time he comes...I am sure he thinks I am quite odd.
I am expecting jam and clothes this week.  Some lovely tees and pants from a new online site I have found called Mikkat Market.   I have ordered bottoms and tops and tunics from them...all amazing and all nicely priced.  They have everything.  Quirky kind of Indie clothes which I adore...everything I bought is amazing and fits perfectly.
Do you absolutely love getting things in the mail?  Do you ever feel like hugging your UPS man?  Teasing...


  1. What a great week. here is what I am up to this week

  2. Friendship Bread looks good. Enjoy your haul!

  3. I'm really looking forward to reading The Source of All Things. It sounds really good.

  4. I really like the cover for Friendship Bread :) Hope you have a great week!

  5. Ooh, delightful looking books...I see you haven't lost your touch with "whispernet"!

    Have fun and enjoy.

    Thanks for visiting my blog...glad you liked the background, etc.

  6. I liked The Life You've Imagined. Enjoy all your books :)

  7. You've got some great reads there! Enjoy

  8. I love book mail! Oh, and I really love 99 cent Kindle books!

    And I think the politically correct term is UPS Angel! Go ahead and give the Angel a hug. ;)

    Hope you enjoy all your great books.

  9. You have a wonderful pile of books here. Enjoy the reading.

  10. I got Blood of my Brother also, enjoy. Looks like you love your Kindle as much as I do :-)

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  11. Thank you so much everyone...for stopping by...I love it when you do!!! I have checked out all of your mailboxes, too and everyone should have a great week of reading.

  12. I can't wait to read your Friendship Bread review! If you are on Facebook, stop in and post your link to your review on the Friendship Bread Wall!