Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Rarely do I buy books but...I bought this one...

I also bought this one...

I can send them to my sister Paula when I am done. Of course Caraval captured my attention right away and I dropped what I was going to read to get caught up in this magical world! I am so fickle. Sigh! My plan is to read Roseblood as soon as I am done with Caraval thus sustaining a fantasy world for as long as possible. Roseblood is supposed to be based on Phantom Of The Opera...I just couldn't resist it.

Super Bowl!

This dip is supposed to be the most popular dip on Pinterest...according to thekitchen...

This one is from thekitchen, too...it's a Taco Dip but it has a can of cheese soup in it. I don't like using anything processed so I have to figure out what I can use instead and I would rather use real organic tortilla chips...so this dip is a "work in progress"...

We had a snow squall yesterday for almost 20 minutes...literally we could not see our neighbor's house! It was beautiful yet freaky because it seemed to come out of nowhere and in the middle of the day. On days like this I feel as though I am the Princess In The Tower...flu warnings are out again so I am stuck at home again but I am pretty much always stuck at home...

Today it's just cold...really really cold...the girls are with me while I write this...Den is in his study and a Morvent Man is checking the furnace and the day is incredibly dreary. It's even suppposed to rain today!

One kitty...close to me...

Another kitty in her heated bed...

In the winter Roxie and Lucy literally take over our room. See the above photo...in the summer they love the sunroom. I am so fussy about the way everything looks yet these two can have toys and scratchers and trees all over our room and we just smile. It's a really big bedroom so that helps but still...they claim our space. Roxie even has a scratcher in our closet...she loves sitting in there!
Off to watch the Bachelor...I have no excuses...and read...



  1. The kitties are your babies, so you will put up with their mess.

    I love the look of that Taco Dip...Yum!

    I wish I enjoyed the kind of books you are sharing today, but sadly, no. I'm glad you are loving them, though.

    I am so bad...I bought 20 books in January! Mostly e-books.

    February will be better...LOL

    1. I know...you just are not a reader of fantasy.

  2. That dip looks good. Look on Pinterest for a DIY or substitute for that cream of yuck.

    1. I was thinking of a homemade cheese sauce or queso.

  3. I'm not one for fantasy, but every time you rave about one it makes me think about trying it. And then I never do. Maybe some day...

    1. I actually used to say that exact same thing!