Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My Sister Paula And The Pope!

Both my sister and the Pope are coming here on the same week end? Heeheehee!

We actually have commercials here with the Pope advertising himself!

Our entire area is on alert for the Pope's visit. We are about an hour away from where the Pope will be but everything will be shut down. Bridges...train stations...schools...offices...either shut down or people are working from home or rerouted. It's amazing! Thankfully it won't start until Friday night. We were at dinner on Saturday night and the hostess told us she has school on Saturday but her school is closed on Saturday because of the Pope's visit and she has to drive into the heart of Philadelphia to make up her class! And that's the weekend my sister is stopping by! She and her husband are in NYC and they have to drive through this stuff to get here!

Paula and the Pope! Oh me oh my!


Reading this and it's so magically delicious! I learned a new term.


thaumaturge /ˈθɔːməˌtɜːdʒ/ noun...it is pronounced "thawmaturge"

(rare) a performer of miracles; magician

thaumaturgy, noun

thaumaturgic, adjective

Word Origin...from Medieval Latin thaumaturgus, from Greek thaumatourgos...miracle-working.

The thing about this fantasy is that Zacharias is a magician/thaumaturge. And magic is disappearing and he has to fix it. It's just really engrossing and just plain good! I do love a good fantasy!

Then Ti reviewed a book that sounded so good and I have it and I want to read it...so as soon as I finish my thaumaturge book I want to bump it up!


But my sister is coming and Den thinks we need to wash the sunroom windows and we need to tidy the guest room and how can they sleep in a double bed so should I get two bedrooms ready? And my brother in law is allergic to cats! And I have to cook something and I hate cooking for more than two people and I am mildly freaking out. Whew! We need to make sure everyone closes toilet seats and buries dental floss in the trash can and doesn't leave out string or tape or accidentally open a door without looking!
That's what I am thinking about today!








  1. Don't stress over your sister's visit (except for burying the dental floss and putting the toilet seats down). They're coming to see you, not inspect your windows, etc.

  2. Company can be hectic. I would totally bury my dental floss :) We fellow kitty people are good house guests.

  3. The Three P's: Paula, Patty, and the Pope! LOL

    I can totally relate to your freak-out...I went through something similar when my house guests were coming the first time...by the second time (this last week), I had it down.

    I don't have cats, though, so I can understand that, too. Sort of how I was when I had my house on the market a few years ago, and worried that the cat would get outside when people came and went.

    Have fun!

  4. Wow. I didn't realize the pope was going to Philadelphia. Your sister is cute! :-)

  5. I love Pope Francis, as I did Pope John Paul. We need more like them in this world.
    I remember when Pope John Paul came to Chicago. I was a new convert. I still have the pin from his visit. Very special.

  6. Finally reading this post... My daughter is in Denver on business and will miss the pope in NYC. Other daughter's boyfriend's parents (and now our friends) live just a few blocks from the Rocky steps in Philly and are leaving town (in anticipation of road closures, etc) during the visit. Their friends will see the pope and stay in their place for the duration.

    Enjoy your sister's visit and try to keep the fussing to a minimum. I'm sure she doesn't care about your windows ;-)

  7. Thanks for the mention ;)

    The Pope! What a guy! He is creating quite a stir all over.

    And your sis! How wonderful! I know guests often mean additional work on the house but there will be a lot of fun time too.