Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wednesday's Wonders!

We have been away...although we are home now...on another one of our two day two hours away vacays!

There was some weird problem with our room here so we were upgraded to a suite and we seriously never want to leave...we just need the girls here and we will be happy! The Inn At Perry Cabin is the best ever! We went to an island, rode bikes...and ate cupcakes...sparingly! For some reason we were booked into a weird room with two double beds...the inn never knew such a room existed so they put us in this INCREDIBLE suite...two bathrooms, just an incredible yummy living's amazing...I had my own dressing table!


We missed beer and Den's dismay!
Today's cupcake...
I have been totally absorbed in this's so wonderful to just read leisurely...this book is sooooooo good! I read it early in the morning and late into the's wonderful!
Back to the real world! Happy Wednesday!





  1. The IAPC is pretty awesome. We have eaten there a few times. A Spoon of Blue Thread is really good. So Anne Tyler....

    1. We strongly dislike Stars...but the Pub is a winner!

  2. Replies
    1. It would be perfection...their breakfast parfait is yummy!

  3. Oh, that is one gorgeous suite....I have been in some pretty awesome places in the past that made me want to move in and stay indefinitely.

    I also loved A Spool of Blue Thread.

  4. Hi Patty, you may or may not know but I've been back blogging this past month, and now, as well! Starting to catch up slowly with things I've missed, and friends' blogs I missed ie. yours of well!
    I've been active (somewhat on facebook) and been catching up on your posts too, but lately have not seen you posting or sharing.

    Such a lovely place to have a short vacation...or even a longer one for that matter. Your photos are larger and are really enjoyable to see them, especially the 'girls'...cute as ever!

    1. Thanks, Elisabeth! I blog every day but I don't always post stuff on Facebook! But my blog should be there every day! So glad you are blogging again!

  5. I have yet to read that Tyler book. She is good!
    Glad you had a nice time. It looks like it! ☺