Thursday, July 2, 2015

We're Baaaaack!

We just got back from another of our two and one half day two hour away trips! Whew! This week we left on there in the afternoon...walked, crashed, uncrashed ourselves and went to drinks and dinner...then a lightning and thunderstorm awakened the middle of the night. We were in Saint Michael's, the Chesapeake Bay. The Inn At Perry Cabin...we love it here!

On Wednesday we went to Telighman see more of the Chesapeake...breathtakingly lovely...we were pronouncing it Tell-ig-man...but it's pronounced Till-man. It's really a fishing town but there are tons of beautiful houses...we ate soft shell crabs and watched the bridge go up and down! And down and up!
Later...back at the inn...we rode bikes...did drinks and dinner...ate the best cupcake ever...and crashed again! Only to be awakened by another night time lightning and thunder storm!
Home to the girls...they both got a great report card...except Lucy hissed at Donna The Amazing really only wants give her meds...
They both got new toys...but Lucy took them both...and Roxie let her!
Now we are starving, tired and waiting for pizza!
Happy Thursday!




  1. Beautiful summer location, glad you had a blast! You must be in a good location to be able to drive a few hours and have all these wonderful get-aways :)

    1. Yes, Rita, it's funny because we are about two hours away from beaches, Annapolis, Washington,'s a reasonably perfect location!