Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Do Nothin' Day...

We have a busy week coming up...and all that I am doing is thinking about all the things I need to do. Today seems to be a day of kitty unrest...Roxie is circling the TV...sometimes stopping to watch something...

Lucy is circling the house and literally screaming...this is the Tonk way of telling us she wants some deck time! The more we ignore her the louder she screams...yep...this sweet baby is an obnoxious screamer!
I am so relaxed I can't see straight...for now...stuff will start to get stressful soon...
It has cooled down enough here to turn off the air conditioner and open up all of the house windows! It feels breezy and refreshing!
Have a wonderful relaxing Sunday!




  1. Love your white dresser...I have my bedroom TV on a white dresser, too, although mine is a "cheapie" that once belonged to my daughter. It was part of her bedroom furniture that included a canopy bed...when she was ten or so. I tend to hang onto some things...LOL.

    I get a kick out of hearing about your kitties screaming. They sound like real people, don't they?

    Today I watched Netflix most of the day...House of Cards. Loving it.

    I finished Bloodline yesterday.

    I also read Ana of California...and now I'm down to only one NetGalley book on the shelf. I requested The Mistake I Made, by Paula Daly.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    1. Thank you! Roxie chirps but Lucy is very loud! When she wants something she really wants it!

  2. I am glad you got to have a super relaxed day! I need one of those- but I am getting ready to go away and have a million things to do. I feel like a crazy person! I know once I am away I will hopefully relax- but until then I keep adding to my to do list.
    Have a happy Monday!

    1. Thank you! Once you are will feel more relaxed...unless you have to arrange pet care and waterers and get stressed by packing!