Thursday, May 28, 2015

Totally Thursday...

Hmmm...lunching with school friends today! They are the library ladies at my former school! We always have so much fun...I am bringing a mixed berry pie from Nomadic Pies!

It's a very steamy muggy hazy stormy day here today...not a nice day to be outside!
Reading this...I haven't liked a half demon half vampire this much since Edward from Twilight! I love this is filled with charming snarky humor!
Want gauzy summery frocks!
Free People...hmmm...I might have accidentally pushed the buy button on this one!
This is the same "frock" in black! Yummy for dinner at night!
Love this one, too, from UO...simple, comfy, easy to wear!
That's my Thursday...prepping for lunch...picking up pies...back home later to read and relax! Just like these sweet by my side always babies...
Happy Thursday!





  1. Lunch sounds like a ton of fun. Have a blast catching up with your school friends. :)

  2. It looks like you Summer will be a good one and we dressed, too.

  3. Cute dresses...I'll skip the vampire tale...LOL