Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday Memories!

In the town I grew up in there was always a Memorial Day Parade...but in the town I grew up in...there were tons of parades! These parades always seemed to involve my high school's band...and veterans...the trucks...Girl Scouts...and people throwing wrapped candies...which my mom would not allow us to eat...and baton twirlers! My bestest friend ever...Mary Jo...was a baton twirler! Me...not so much...twirling formally scared me! Lol! But I loved watching MJ twirl and throw! She was tall and lean and awesome! And the parade always ended in the park with soldiers shooting guns at...probably not at...probably up in the air...the town's Memorial Monument! Then we all walked home for a cookout!

My town...the high town is known for being..." Ohio's Finest Village".

The football stadium...
The Administration Building...
Lots of blocks of cute little houses...all with tons of beautifully built in shelves and cabinets...all different...big wide streets where I rode my bike endlessly!
The best pizza ever...
The gazebo in the park...
The fire station...
There is probably a parade and up in the air gun shooting going on there right now! Sigh!
We are going to feast on typical picnic foods today!
Pioneer Woman's Mexican Pasta Salad!
Siesta Keys Key Lime good!
Have a wonderful Monday!


















  1. We'll be selling beer today so other people can celebrate. ;)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful place to grow up! I don't recall ever watching a parade or being in one. I know there are parades nearby- but I have never gone (maybe because I never went as a kid). Hmmm- I may have to go to one just because.

    Have a great day!

    1. I think you do need to go to see a parade! Or...better in one!

  3. It will be traditional picnic fare for us today, too. Thanks for the tour of your hometown :)

  4. Test comment - fingers crossed!

    1. Hurray! I signed with Wordpress (I have a test blog there, but never switched over) instead of google.

  5. I feel nostalgic for small towns, and those old houses remind me of the small town where I grew up, too, except we didn't have a gazebo in the town square (or park). A gazebo in the town square reminds me of the book (and TV show) Peyton Place, from back in the 60s.

    Hot dogs are also necessary....thanks for sharing!