Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday's "Phenoms"...

Finished Twilight only better! There will be more!


Reading this...OMG...this debut? It just sounds so good! Old money...class distinctions...diving in!
Interesting foods? Not sure! All recipes are from Bonappetit!
Lasagna with greens and a white sauce!
An old Italian dish called Meatballs with Sauce and Green Beans...sometimes potatoes are subbed out for the meatballs. Can't be eaten without crusty chewy bread!
Enchilada Pie! Chili topped with a cornbread crust...Den has asked for this for tomorrow.
Lazy days in the sunroom...
Want to see this...
Date night!
Happy Friday!




  1. I had a fun Friday, too; errands, etc., followed by books and TV. Want to buy a Blu Ray player that allows streaming and Netflix....

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Like Twilight?! Really? How? Are there vampires in it? Never heard of this book.