Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Why? Part One...

Why does my favorite Made In Maine handmade mug have a massive chip in its lip right where I sip? I didn't even try to purposely rhyme that!

Why am I reading two books at a time when I really hate doing it? Plus...both are so good!

Why am I drawn so much to these tunic much so that I have both?

Why don't Lucy Grace And Roxie Blue believe me when I say it's raining and the deck is wet? Yesterday I opened the deck door 4 times...they stand in the doorway...look out...look back at me...I shut the door and 30 minutes later we repeat the process...Tonks are very very questioning!

Why do we have to eat dinner tonight? Lol...these were so good last night but so much work!

I think we are having Pioneer Woman's Chicken Salad for dinner...with chips! I was too lazy to make baked chicken so I poached it yesterday...I do not feel like making anything!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Sorry about your mug! It's so cute. I hate when that sort of thing happens

  2. O I hate when you find the perfect something or other and it gets damaged. Tragic.

  3. Is this the salad you are making?

    I saw it on the show the other day and have been wanting to make it but it looks different from what you posted.

  4. Oh, I hate when that happens to a mug! That's why I am always reluctant to drink coffee out of my favorites; instead, I use them to collect pens, pencils, etc.


  5. Your mug is so cute - you must get another one to replace it!

  6. Cats wouldn't be cats if they weren't extremely curious. The girls are hoping that you can control the weather somehow :)

  7. Love that mug. My favourite cat mug has a chip, too. *sigh* I will not part with it.