Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Wonders Of Social Media!

It's amazing to me but out of frustration I tweeted both Home Depot and Ridgid about our sad generator story. Surprisingly both responded and asked us to email our specific information to them. It seems that both companies have departments that catch comments on FB and Twitter. We have called both companies and were not helped at fact Home Depot referred us to the place that "fixed" our generator...hmmm...we don't expect anything to happen from these emails...we are prepared to call this a $2000.00 loss and get a new generator. There are people near us who are still without power. A branch can fall here and we lose power. There was a period of time when a PECO executive lived in our neighborhood...and...we never lost power...but...who knows if that's could just be one of those...hmmm...neighborhood stories?

We were wiped out yesterday...kitties and humans. Our steaks are still in the refrigerator...we were too tired to eat them...Den coughed all day yesterday...almost as if running up and down the stairs and outside in the rain...caused a setback but he is better today. We always sit in our driveway and watch the fireworks from the botanical garden next door...but we weren't in the mood. It's truly amazing how something like power loss...can be exhausting!

We were both in foul foul moods yesterday...quietly foul...but happier today!
This is one tired kitty...Lucy is upstairs sleeping in her room...Den is mowing...I am resting/reading with

Happy Saturday?


  1. Losing power is definitely one of my least favorite things...ever since the summer when I was living in an adjacent small town and the power went out thirteen times during that summer....It was more outages than normal, for sure.

    Hope you have a better week!

  2. It's so sad about your generator breaking down, Patty! You just bought the darn thing, it's got to be replaceable...but not fun without power that long. We just keep getting rain, non-stop every single day...sun peeks out for an hr. and the rest of the day is dreary!
    Hope your week will be a better one!