Sunday, July 20, 2014


This book is amazing...I have been sort of hot and cold about her Maisie Dobbs books...I read them out of order and that frustrates me. I truly hesitated over this one but ultimately fell in love with it. The Great War, two best friends, farm workers, an unfriendly incredibly mean Sergeant Knowles...and an unfreakingbelievable ending. I cried and cried and then told the entire book to Den. But this book is so intense and real and beautiful. Kezia and Thea go to school together and become teachers together but Kezia falls in love and marries Thea's brother Tom. This bothers Thea who has leaned towards women's rights and being a suffragette and being independent. She is both jealous and disdainful of Kezia at home on the farm. Kezia...has the soul and spirit of an angel. Her letters about cooking to Tom at the front...are shared and enjoyed by all of Tom's platoon. Eventually Kezia works the farm just the way Tom did. Again...this is the most beautiful book...truly I tense yet so lovely!

We are relaxing with the New York Times...then we have to get my new peely chippy white dresser/new bedroom TV stand out of the back of Den's SUV. Yikes! But first here is the plan!

Big cabinet in our room gets emptied of clothes and the old TV.

The old TV goes into a guest room.

TV in that guest room goes to the basement for now.

Big cabinet gets moved to another bedroom. Yikes!

Seaman's chest in the now big cabinet room comes down to the family room to be the new coffee table.

Existing antique red milking bench which was the coffee table goes to the far bedroom upstairs...that's the room with all of my bags, clothes, etc. it's the room Roxie and Lucy and I love best.

Den and Patty go to the SUV and get new peely chippy white dresser and bring it into the house, up the stairs and into our room.

Patty agonizes over picture placement.

Den installs new TV...hopefully...

Happy Sunday!


  1. I read one Maisie Dobbs book and it didn't wow me - later I learned most people thought it was the weakest book in the series. Isn't that always the way?

    It sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you!

  2. Yes, isn't it amazing how many other things have to move around to make room for something new? But lots of fun...enjoy!

  3. Well, i hope all went well and was worth it! Now, enjoy!

  4. I have never read any of the Maisie Dobbs books. This one does sound like a fabulous read. So glad you loved it so much. :)