Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy July 4th...But...

I hate this thing!

We just spent almost $300 to make sure it works and it does not work...we lost power last night at 6:30...why? The wind blew. We did not have power again until 8:30 this morning. The generator runs for 20 minutes and stops...when it runs we had AC, water...WE COULD FLUSH...the refrigerators was heavenly...but after 15 minutes of bliss...we were in darkness. We took sponge baths with my makeup wipes...we are never prepared for anything! We each ate two melted Haagen Daz bars for dinner. Not a good orange water ices erupted all over the freezer. I am throwing this generator cost a fortune and it's worthless...totally...worthless...anybody want a generator?

It's amazing how horrible life can be without power. We wore headlamps, we brushed our teeth dry, we sweated! Whoever says girls don't sweat is totally wrong...I was a sweaty mess. We both had headaches and as sick as Den still is...he was out in the rain every half hour trying to start the generator. We went to sleep without one ish...and woke up without power at eight ish...we are totally wiped out!

But...we saved most of our groceries...we are getting ready for a yummy hamburger on the grill...we are showered, sprayed, clean...and we smell good again. One of the grocery stores near us lost their generator power and are tossing everything out of the store! Den ran in for something we forgot and people were walking around dazed...looking for food!

When we move I am only moving where there are underground power lines. Who knew how important this would be? And inland...way inland!

Reading this and not moving...we haven't eaten real food since noon yesterday!

Happy Friday!


  1. Ha ha! I'm sorry :) really....but when Isabel blew through we had no power for like 8 days. Of course, we still had water so that makes a wells for me! BUT it was like 90* for that week! ugg. So we had Tropical Storm weather here yesterday...tornado close by...pretty sucky BUT we kept power LOL

  2. We have been through this many times, living in an old, unincorporated, rural area. We even went through it in the truck when the apu went out. No ac, no fridge, hot, sweaty, and tight quarters. *augh* Glad you survived!

  3. Oh, losing power is the worst! It doesn't happen in my new place very often (knock wood!), and usually only if someone rams into a power pole.

    But in the early nineties, I lived in a townhouse in a section of town that lost power a lot...I remember counting up thirteen power failures in one summer. Everyone would go outside and bitch and moan to the neighbors. There was actually a spirit of community...LOL

    I have never had a generator...and underground power lines sounds like a great solution.

  4. Oh no! I'd take that generator back and ask for a refund. We had a bad storm come through yesterday but never lost power. We do have underground lines though. We've been here for 7 years and have only had a few power blips. *knock on wood*