Friday, July 18, 2014


Den is home! He is taking off next week and we are going to have a week of fun...other then trim painting, island painting, vet appointments for both girls, delivery of our new generator, and replanting some really dead flowers! Plus we need to clean, and dust and wipe down wood floors and trim...a fun fun week! Oh boy! I could have done lots of this stuff this week when he was away all week but I wanted to save some fun for Den!

Plus...we wanted a bigger flat screen for our bedroom BUT we have a cabinet in our bedroom that the tv fits in...BUT...Den measured wrong or wasn't thinking straight...or something and the new TV is far too long for the cabinet so we are going to go to my fave place...and look for a peely whitish dresser something or other to place it on! So excited! I love buying peely white furniture! Love it!

Reading is so good! I enjoy this author's Maisie Dobbs books but this one is a stand alone with different is really really lovely to read!

Happy Friday!


  1. I can think of better ways to spend a vacation. ;) Have fun!!

  2. Sounds like fun! I love "peely white" furniture, too.

    When I got my living room flat screen, I had a huge armoire and it didn't fit in the cubbies...but I put it on top (it's not that high), and put other electronics in the cubbies.


    1. That's our plan...a dresser or something that the tv can be on top of!

  3. I hope you two have a wonderful week of fun!

  4. Poor Den. He may have to take back his vacation! At least try to have a fun day, catch a movie or something.