Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fantasy And Food?


I read in genres sometimes. Bursts of mysteries, bouts with literary fiction, and often...flights of fantasy! I never liked reading fantasy...I held on to certain books...Harry Potter was one of them...until my sister Paula said...just read it! She did the same thing with Cassandra Clare's books. But once I did start reading fantasy...there are times when I just crave it...thus...this week I am heavily into fantastic books...like this one!

It's a nail biter! Ashyn and Moira and their pets...a hound and a huge cat...have to venture into the Forest Of The Dead...to free souls...and very bad and scary things are happening! It's so good...I have two kitties in my lap fighting and I still can't stop reading!


I need to make every one of these! From my much loved Food 52!

California Gazpacho...

Fish Chowder or Fish Soup...all potatoey and coddy and creamy...

A simple radish sandwich...with mustardy mayo and avocado...

Back to my book and thoughts of my radishy lunch!

Happy Tuesday! We have tons of rain and flash flood warnings and fog and cooler weather! The girls and I are not budging today!

Here we are...not budging...lol!


  1. Patty, I bought all the ingredients and I am so making that gazpacho today! ...... I love Food 52.....

    1. Isn't it such a great recipe site? Please let me know how it turns out!

  2. I'm kind of wishing for a rainy day so I could stay inside all day. Of course, I'm sure I'd have to go somewhere even if we have a rainy day.

    1. Absolutely love being able to stay at home whenever I want to!

  3. Love your thoughts on Fantasy books...I'm still a hold out LOL. Send some rain my way - it can ease up this 100 heat indexes we are having!

  4. We are having a ton of rain, storms and flash floods here too- but it is SOOOO hot.

    Glad you are reading something enjoyable.

    I have never heard of a radish sandwich- but it does look tasty. :)

  5. I LOVE chowder...and that sandwich looks good, too. I don't eat sandwiches very often...but love the kind with unexpected ingredients.