Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Books! We Might Be On The Mend!

Lots of prescriptions are on Den's desk...an inhaler, cough syrup...really strong cough syrup, and antibiotics...diagnosis...bronchitis! None of us are getting much sleep...I sneaked out of our room last night and went to the bedroom at the far end of the hall...my second favorite room in our house...the one with our original white wrought iron bed but I was awakened every few hours by kitties looking for me...jumping on me...and staring at me...trying to figure out what was up. At one point they were both on my head...fighting!

Hopefully tomorrow will be better yet...this is Den's off work week and normally those weeks are fun filled but this is not a fun week...we are just hoping he feels better by the Fourth Of July! Fingers Crossed!

Just finished this...strangely oddly good...and it's about anthropologists in a sort of love triangle in the 30's...after reading this book? Never do I want to go anywhere near any kind of steamy mosquito insect snake ridden jungle! Yikes!

It's in the 90's here! Hot! Humid! Hazy!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Wow, I'm glad Den went to the doctor. I hope he's back to his old self soon!

  2. I have Euphoria!! I thought it would be a good way to travel without leaving my chair.

  3. Your favorite bedroom with the white wrought iron bed sounds lovely! I have favorite beds from past incarnations...a brass bed that I had in my loft in my townhouse...I am wondering if I should move back into that townhouse! But the bed is gone...we can't go back, unless, of course, I had the bed in another bedroom! I almost did that...I am rambling.

    Glad Den is feeling better...hoping for a great Fourth for you.

    Euphoria...I'll be checking it out.

  4. I was afraid it was bronchitis. I have asthma and get it yearly. *augh* Feel better, both of you!

    1. Thanks...he is miserable and seems worse today!