Sunday, June 29, 2014


Reading's of those books that I love from the very first pages.

From the book jacket...

"WE ARE CALLED TO RISE is a story about a child's fate. Told in the disparate voices of an immigrant boy, two woman, and a young war veteran, it is a story of great tragedy and tremendous hope. It challenges us to think about our responsibilities to each other and reminds us that compassion and charity can rescue us, even in our darkest moments."

Finished this...loved it! Quirky characters, college campus, a sweet little boy, a feisty mother-in-law...this book was amazing! It's a must read! I love quirky, funny, sad, sweet characters. This book has them all! Wait until you read about the backpack! And Harry Potter! Oh so good!

Den came home SICK...I can't believe he is coughing and hoarse...cold and flu symptoms so this weekend has been a dud...that's why I have been reading tons...he hasn't been hungry and is pretty much miserable...sigh!

Read this one, too but I did not like it...not sure why...

The all good Tonks do...are spending their nap times with Den...he is either comfy or feverish...Tonks love a hot!

Happy Sunday! Stay well!


  1. Poor Den! I hope he's better soon. You've made me want to read Small Blessings.

    1. It is so good! Kind of quirky Southern...

  2. Patty, 'We are Called to Rise'...sounds like the kind of book I would enjoy reading. So sorry about Den, hope he feels better soon! I'm still here at Lora's and it's been pouring rain for the last 2hrs and it's middle of the afternoon now. Glad the girls are enjoying their nap, keeping Den company!

  3. Hope Den feels better soon...I'm sure you'll give him soup to tease back that appetite....and I can't wait to read Small Blessings. I should be getting mine next week.

    Invisible Ellen wasn't my favorite book...the characters were hard to like, I think.

  4. So sorry your hubby is ill--summer colds/flu are the worst. He might have picked it up on his business trip from the plane, not the healthiest air quality on them.
    I would like to read Small Blessings soon. The author was nice enough to message me with a friendly note after I added it to my wishlist. We Are Called to Rise sounds different and intriguing.

  5. My sympathies are with Den since I'm sick too!. Small Blessings sounds lovely!