Sunday, February 23, 2014


We are doing some serious unwinding this weekend...Den is taking all of next week off and we are going to relax...he has been gone so much that he just wants to be try to get back that normal feeling. We both so much want more power outages, no more snow storms and we want everyone we know to stay healthy...sigh! Including us! And kitties! We are going to drive to just check out some houses...I do so love this house! We think it's on the bay...hopefully with some water views...we shall see.

Unfortunately we spent part of yesterday watching this weird series of shows called Food Paradise on the a Travel Channel. Every show highlights a different food and none of these foods are particularly healthy. We were both really affected by...unfortunately...the hot dog show. Oh my!

We were craving them! So...we had a Jake's hotdog for lunch! Normally we only eat nitrate sulphite free anything...these were so delicious but I am sure that nitrates as well as sulphites are serging through our bodies...probably not doing anything good, either. Plus we had a malted with them...I had chocolate and Den had cherry vanilla...
But they were Junior sized...whew!

Reading this...

And hopefully this right after it...I loved Cinder so much and these are the next two in The Lunar Chronicles...I seriously love The Lunar Chronicles!

Off to read!


  1. I hope you both have a chance to unwind and get back to normal.

  2. Sometimes we have to go for the unhealthy foods! Now that you've shown those hot dogs, I'm realizing how long it's been since I had one....yummy!

    Here's wishing a great "normal" for all of you.

  3. good! It's been a long time. ..

  4. I need a baseball game to go with my hotdog :) The house looks nice - hope it has a water view!

  5. This place that was featured on the Food channel, opened up by us this weekend. It's called Fab Dogs, or something like that and the dogs are bacon wrapped nightmares! But, they also sounded pretty good if you had a craving for that. It got some lukewarm reviews for its soft opening but I think they will do well. Except, it's right next to LA Fitness. LOL.