Monday, November 11, 2013

A Week's Worth of Books!

I am so out of order with books and reviews BUT I just got this and I want to read it now! Here is a quick summary that came right from the author's excited!

"A dark, forbidden forest. Vicious beasts. Deadly plants. An evil spellbook. Secrets. Mysteries. A Forest Demon. Witches both fair and foul."

Welcome to the world of The Thickety...and I think there will be more books in this series! Oh my! I love, adore, and totally go crazy for this kind of book!

I have these, too...which just came...yummy yummy yummy books...more fantasy and a historical fiction...which I am also learning to love. Plus who wouldn't love a Christmas book about! And dragons!

Dragons...dragons! I love dragons!

I love these covers!

Today is my fave kind of day...I am doing laundry all day long and reading in between...making an easy dinner...grilled cheese and tomato soup...with a homemade caramel apple from The Produce Place for dessert!

Happy Reading!


  1. I think I'll pass on the vampire Christmas story! lol

  2. Bill was home, and when he is, it is all about him. So, I am off kilter! I vampires (or zombies, horror, paranormal fantasy, etc.) for me. I think I am too practical, or something. I know I am in a minority. Enjoy!

  3. I don't enjoy vampires, zombies, etc. Sometimes I'll read about witches, though. And as you discovered, a paranormal suspense might make its way onto my shelves, but those are not my favorites.

    Love the idea of what you're having for dinner. Enjoy!

  4. So many great books! I love the cover of The Thickety and the story sounds fabulous. I can't wait to hear more. :)