Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oh My...It's Another Day With Painters!

OMG...I am even boring myself with this painter stuff...it's just that my daily life is on hold...it's not just me...Den finally got it...on Saturday when there were painters painting...the pounding...the faces in windows...it is so weird! The deck isn't mine, I can't water, I can't garden, I can't sit outside...there is plastic hanging from windows and on Sunday I saw a roll of tape on the way high up roof! I should also share that we have never lived anywhere long enough to need a new roof or a house painting...that might be why this all unnerves me!

It's not that the painters are not good...they are just sort of messy...and they keep saying that when they leave it will all be perfect again...I guess they really want to restain the deck. Lol...

Still reading my two books...these...I actually love both of them...

This one is a serial killer mystery...weirdly fascinating...he only goes after couples.

This one is a YA goth...bad boy...could he possibly actually be the devil kind of book...yum!

I am off to pull down blinds and shut doors so I can have a little bit of privacy...not that anyone is watching...it just feels weird!

Happy Reading!


  1. We're the same way - we move rather than fix a house up. I think we might be in this one longer than normal though, so I might be facing painters next year. :/

  2. I know what you mean. It just feels weird when there are strangers milling around.

  3. That's why I experienced it all for the first time ever when I lived in the foothills! Through my previous adult years, I'd been a gypsy, moving around from place to place. And then stayed put for thirteen years. Never again! LOL

    Except now I'm renting, so I will just move when it needs painting...

    I hope they're done soon...and I don't understand why they have to be messy....

  4. I want to be sympathetic but quite frankly I am jealous, my house desperately needs painting ;)

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  5. I am sure the end result will be well worth all the angst. House projects can be overwhelming! Glad the books are soooo good. :)