Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Messy Breakfast For Everyone!


Here...yummy looking, isn't it? Organic grain free tuna/duck/pumpkin soup!


Bagels with tomatoes, smoked salmon, capers...yum!

Local melon...not ordinary cantaloupe...something different and really sweet and icy cold! I think it was a Crenshaw!

Den brought me a special treat...a simple plain Starbuck's flavors just coffee and white stuff! Yum!

Raining painters but not even close to being done...I so need a quiet house and time alone...



still reading's a real book for Amazon Vine...not a Kindle book.

Reading this on my Kindle for's a middle grade book about an amazing train adventure and a boy. This is the only way I can sort of read two books at a time...different kinds of books and really different genres. And one has to stay in the family room...I am not quirky at I? I have really just begun both so no real valid thoughts...yet.

And although this started off had an equal amount of really boring parts...just enough to make it a so-so ho-hum kind of book...I loved the main character but hated that era.

Happy Sunday!


  1. It's yucky here too. I am so over rain this summer, I could scream, but I bet you're kind of happy for it today.

  2. It is still hot where I am...I stayed inside all day! I almost went to brunch with my daughter, but then cancelled. Too lazy....

  3. What is this rain of which you speak? It is just hot, and getting very dry here.

  4. Breakfast looks yummy. Glad you had a quiet day!

    I can read two books at once if one is MG and one is a different genre (or something like that in which both books are super different).

    I have never had a plain latte- I might try one soon. :)