Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Have Been Claimed! girls are still in the beginning stages of their relationship. Lucy seems to be trying to ignore Roxie...Roxie looks at Lucy as if to can you possibly ignore me?

I am in the middle. A friend of mine said that it's all about claiming me...they both want me and have not figured out that I love them both. We are teetering on the edge of a happy kitty relationship. The key is supposed to be play. Den and I have never played so much in our entire lives...we own creative kitty play! Until everyone gets along we are not going anywhere. No travel...nothing...Roxie goes to her room when I leave the house. My girls need supervision. Their steps are tentative but better each day. I think!

Reading this...

Some days I am just in the mood for a mystery...this starts off with a murder on Cape Cod, a rape in Palm Beach, an influential good does this sound?

Nails later...homemade pizza for dinner...creative play and team building with Lucy and Roxie Blue...once I wake them up!


  1. Aw, they both want their mommy! It sounds like things are improving.

  2. That bottom pic of Roxie is too funny. She has made herself at home!

    1. She couldn't be more at's too funny!

  3. These pics are tooooo cutttteeeee!!!!!! Argh!!!!!! So happy to hear things are better. Roxie definitely looks comfortable and content and Lucy looks...resigned...LOL....

  4. They are adorable. Lucy's security has been invaded. Only child syndrome. Roxie's security is you because you brought her in. They will settle in because of your efforts to prove equality in all things. Lucy must be respected, but Roxie must be accepted. You are doing everything right. I think that is wonderful for all of you.

  5. Glad the kitties are getting along a little better. It may seem slow now- but they are making progress. Your book sounds fascinating!

  6. Ha-ha...cute! Team building....see, your teaching days are going to cone in handy. Enjoy!