Friday, January 4, 2013

I Really Want To Go To Sarasota!

I also really want Key Lime Pie!

My "in a nutshell" summary...

Florida...sun...sand...and...murder...actually more than one murder.

My thoughts after reading this book...

Hmmm...there are tons of interesting characters in this book...and I suspected each and everyone of them while I was reading. And can I just say that every once in a while I love books with lots of really short chapters? Yum! This book had the best short chapters ever...each one made me suspect someone new. I truly did not suspect the real murderer until the very end...and just so you was the very last person I would ever suspect!

Let me briefly tell you what happened. This is what I would call a light hearted mystery so I will not be revealing anything would spoil the fun of this delightful book! Piper...the Nancy Drew character in this in Sarasota for her cousin Kathy's wedding. A friend of Kathy's disappears and this starts a progression of horrible events. Murders...mayhem...alligators...and...Puffer Fish! It is just fun and entertaining and well written.

What I loved about this book...

In a word? Everything! There are tantalizing food descriptions and beaches and wild life and quirky characters and mysterious characters and again...I suspected everyone. I loved it! I love the kind of cozy mystery where a supporting character makes a really bad choice and you know's curtains for them! Great fun!

What I did not love...

There is a recipe for Aunt Nora's Siesta Key Lime Pie in the back of the book...easy, no baking, and now I am forced to make it. Fictional Aunt Nora says it's the best.

Final thoughts...

What a delightful fun book this was. I have not read a Mary Jane Clark book in ages...she has written tons...but I loved Piper. I need to check out more of these books. If you love a relaxing cozy suspenseful mystery...this is an amazing one to choose.

On to my next schedule book...whew!


  1. Can I go to Sarasota with you? It's been cold and dreary here. The sun is out today for the first time in a while. Footprints in the Sand sounds really good!

    1. Let's go...I am looking at VRBO in Sarasota and there are great little cottages! Meet you there!

  2. Oooooo in Key West they sell these chocolate covered key lime pie slices on a stick. It's DIVINE.

    1. Yum! I can't wait to make the pe plus I want to wear red flip flops!

  3. Nice review...I like Mary Jane Clark. The recipes and Key Lime Pie sound very good. :)

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  4. Sounds like a nice read for right now, when I wish I was at the beach and not surrounded by snow.

  5. Yes! Yes! To both! I went to Sarasota this summer and LOVED it! I went to Key West and had the key lime pie--with chocolate--on a stick! Again. Yes! :-D

  6. Oh, I think short chapters can really increase the suspense in a story. And I like anything by Mary Jane Clark. Key Lime pie? One of my favorites!

    I've also had my eye on The One I Left Behind. Enjoy!

  7. Mmmm... Key Lime pie sounds positively delightful!!