Saturday, January 5, 2013

Almost Forgot About This Amazing Book...

My " in a nutshell" summary...

Two very damaged people find each other...sort of...with disastrous and beautiful results.

My thoughts after reading this book...

I loved every word of this strange and beautiful novel. Nastya...not her real name...and Josh...damaged in irreparable ways...find a way to connect with each other. This book is mystery, tragedy, and beauty...all woven together in the best of all ways. I was lost in this book. I was wrapped up in it. I was enamored with it. It made me feel tragic and sad and overwhelmed and sometimes just a little bit happy. Nastya...hides behind make up, horribly slutty clothes, and silence. so tragic that everyone just leaves him alone...he is never challenged. Nastya runs to forget her pain and literally runs into Josh's garage where he makes furniture to forget his. They establish a strange and needy relationship. Nastya does not speak...and in fact has not spoken in over 400 days. Formerly known as the Brighton Piano just trying to recover and regain her sanity and the use of her hand. She has one thing on her mind...destroying the man who killed her. Josh...lives his life in pain...alone...everyone he has ever loved is gone. Whew! overwhelmingly poignant tragedy.

What I loved about this book...

While definitely YA...this book has strong and vivid characters...situations felt real and tragic...with glints of sunshine while I watched the characters evolve. I loved Josh...his strength was touching. Nastya also was a character I admired. She was brave, tragic, strong...amazing. It truly was a lovely book.

What I didn't love...

I can honestly say that there is nothing that I did not love. I loved this author's writing. I loved the characters. I loved the story.

Final Thoughts...

I found this to be a strong book with a strong message. I am still thinking about it and you will, too. It is an amazing YA book...different, extremely sad, joyous, filled with emotion and turmoil...and yet so beautiful.

Friday, January 4, 2013

I Really Want To Go To Sarasota!

I also really want Key Lime Pie!

My "in a nutshell" summary...

Florida...sun...sand...and...murder...actually more than one murder.

My thoughts after reading this book...

Hmmm...there are tons of interesting characters in this book...and I suspected each and everyone of them while I was reading. And can I just say that every once in a while I love books with lots of really short chapters? Yum! This book had the best short chapters ever...each one made me suspect someone new. I truly did not suspect the real murderer until the very end...and just so you was the very last person I would ever suspect!

Let me briefly tell you what happened. This is what I would call a light hearted mystery so I will not be revealing anything would spoil the fun of this delightful book! Piper...the Nancy Drew character in this in Sarasota for her cousin Kathy's wedding. A friend of Kathy's disappears and this starts a progression of horrible events. Murders...mayhem...alligators...and...Puffer Fish! It is just fun and entertaining and well written.

What I loved about this book...

In a word? Everything! There are tantalizing food descriptions and beaches and wild life and quirky characters and mysterious characters and again...I suspected everyone. I loved it! I love the kind of cozy mystery where a supporting character makes a really bad choice and you know's curtains for them! Great fun!

What I did not love...

There is a recipe for Aunt Nora's Siesta Key Lime Pie in the back of the book...easy, no baking, and now I am forced to make it. Fictional Aunt Nora says it's the best.

Final thoughts...

What a delightful fun book this was. I have not read a Mary Jane Clark book in ages...she has written tons...but I loved Piper. I need to check out more of these books. If you love a relaxing cozy suspenseful mystery...this is an amazing one to choose.

On to my next schedule book...whew!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Blogging Goals? Huh?

I can honestly say I have none nor do I want any! I am sure if I have any stats at all they bite...big time...I am much better off not knowing about them. All this girl wants to do is read good books...that's it. I love commenting on blogs...I love reading blogs...I love boy toy and my cat toy are my biggest fans and I love that!

There are so many amazingly delightful blogs out there that I aways have serious blog envy...if I have a goal at all it is to deal with that and just do what I want. I don't like record keeping or deadlines...reminds me way too much of report cards and school and that's why this ex teacher stopped teaching!
I was in love with my new reading/reviewing schedule...until the holidays destroyed it. Now I am behind and madly trying to play catch up...I have fallen behind or just plain quit all blog tours and that makes me feel sad but strangely better at the same sorry TLC!
I think I have to learn to find a happy middle of the road...if there is one!
Is there help for me? Lol...not sure...
Just finished is AMAZING! I laughed and cried and loved every word...this author is a rock star!

Reading, lively, with a bit of history tossed in!

I am reading as fast as I sad...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day Or Shouldn't Everyone Be Back To Work?

Bear with me whilst I rant...

Getting a closet organized should not be this stressful! And yet we go through this every year...twice a year...sigh!

Putting away Christmas clothes incredibly makes one half of my family unfold and refold everything he owns. I don't get his system and why it is so time consuming. Perhaps if things were put back neatly we would not go through this every single year...twice a year. It is a painstakingly slow exacting and yet quite boring process that never ceases to amaze me.

My main source of irritation stems from watching my best boy toy...unfold and examine each shirt, tee or sweater...that should have been spotless if it was in the closet in the first place!

Thank you for listening...I needed some sympathy!

The beginning of closet reorganization...

That hanging shirt is an unfolding!

And one more of many unfolding, scrutinizing, and ultimately refolding before final closet approval.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

This poster...from a company called Holstee...embodies my goals for this new year!

Just once more...have a wondrous year!

Monday, December 31, 2012

We Don't Want To Go Out!

It still looks like this outside!

We just realized that we don't want to go out tonight...and we also realized that we don't have to...we spent the morning running errands and the thought of a long hot shower and getting into jammies and a robe later...getting some noodley dumpling takeout something or other for dinner sounds so rescheduled tonight's dinner, we are getting Chinese food and we are sipping champagne! And we are making jello with bananas and walnuts and Cool Whip...not sure why but we are! At midnight we are eating 12 grapes for good luck. If we manage to stay up that long!


Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Snowy Day And A Lone Goose...

We got just enough snow to make everything outside look very pretty! Everything was lightly snow plowing needed...there were wild geese with snow topped heads walking all over the yard.

From the sunroom...

Our snow covered deck...

Partially frozen pond...where the sad thing happened...

There was one lone goose in the frozen part of the pond yesterday...all alone...all day long...we watched him...we called the wild bird rescue place but they were not very helpful...we thought of going outside to scare him into moving...we thought he was stuck in the frozen part of the pond...but finally he turned and was facing in the opposite direction. But as it got dark...he was still there...but it was not cold enough for him to be that stuck! Quite a goose mystery and dilemma! Den has canoed out to rescue geese and ducks before but the canoe we use is gone so that was not an option. There was another goose sort of on the bank of the pond who seemed to be waiting for this one but then that goose left, too! And a flock flew overhead and the goose in the pond looked up but didn't even try to leave.

We all felt helpless. This morning...he was gone! Hopefully up up and away! The wild bird unhelpful lady said that he might have been injured or he could be just fine. She said that he might have just wanted to sit there and think about life and leave when he was ready.

I hope so!