Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Snowy Day And A Lone Goose...

We got just enough snow to make everything outside look very pretty! Everything was lightly snow plowing needed...there were wild geese with snow topped heads walking all over the yard.

From the sunroom...

Our snow covered deck...

Partially frozen pond...where the sad thing happened...

There was one lone goose in the frozen part of the pond yesterday...all alone...all day long...we watched him...we called the wild bird rescue place but they were not very helpful...we thought of going outside to scare him into moving...we thought he was stuck in the frozen part of the pond...but finally he turned and was facing in the opposite direction. But as it got dark...he was still there...but it was not cold enough for him to be that stuck! Quite a goose mystery and dilemma! Den has canoed out to rescue geese and ducks before but the canoe we use is gone so that was not an option. There was another goose sort of on the bank of the pond who seemed to be waiting for this one but then that goose left, too! And a flock flew overhead and the goose in the pond looked up but didn't even try to leave.

We all felt helpless. This morning...he was gone! Hopefully up up and away! The wild bird unhelpful lady said that he might have been injured or he could be just fine. She said that he might have just wanted to sit there and think about life and leave when he was ready.

I hope so!


  1. I hope he found his friends. Enjoy your snow day :)

  2. A light dusting is very pretty, especially at Christmas. I hope Mr. Goose was just resting up.

  3. I hope the goose took off too. He was probably mad about the snow!

  4. Love the post title! It sounds like it could be the name of a children's picture book...and, of course, your photos would be the perfect illustration.

    I choose to believe that the goose was just sitting there contemplating the New Year.

    1. I do, too...I may just have to write a book to fit that!

  5. We recently had a goose issue too, with one of our pet geese. It's a mystery to us. My husband went out int he morning to tend to the goats and donkeys and walked the goats to the pond paddock as usual. He checked on our geese and ducks and found a pet goose actually frozen and submerged into the pond. Obviously, she was gone, but he chipped her out and gave her back to nature. We don't understand how this came about, as there was no mark on her and she was young. Sometimes mysteries just happen. I'm glad yours ended better than ours.

  6. Beautiful snow view! We got about 9 inches here. Very pretty- but snow blowing and shoveling was needed. :)

    What a sad goose story. I hope he was just thinking about life and then decided it was time to go. Or maybe he was mad at the goose who was waiting for him and he was trying to wait him out. Hope he is happy now. :)