Friday, November 23, 2012

Pumpkin Pie For Breakfast!

With all the pre Thanksgiving exhaustion of ordering Thanksgiving dinner from Whole Foods...why not have pie for breakfast?
Plus today is like a free day...the only thing I am not going to do today is shop!
I want to read, watch movies and eat a turkey sandwich!

Reading and loving this is a fantasy to savor...think about this...the entire world has been stopped for three days while brother and sister...Ricky and Allie...are swept up and away into the night time sky to another time and place!
Sandy Klein Bernstein...the author...has such a fun personality...and she is a teacher! I will have a giveaway for this book on Monday!

Happy Friday!


  1. Pie for breakfast sounds great! We didn't host Thanksgiving and have no leftovers. My husband plans to make a turkey with the basics today so we can have some leftovers.:) This book sounds fabulous!

  2. YaY! You go girl! You shopping at the stores or online? :)

  3. I'm relaxing too but will be watching basketball and football instead of movies. ;)

  4. I had to check it out when I saw the cover! Sounds like something I'd love. :) See you Monday! ;)

    1. It is a wonderful fantasy...good luck...

  5. I have avoided the stores, except to quickly stop at the supermarket. And I like the idea of pumpkin pie for breakfast; I ate up my oatmeal and forgot to buy more, and I don't feel like having cold cereal in the morning. But I do have pumpkin pie! Can Saturday be another "free day"?