Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Does A Little Bit of Obsessiveness Run In Families?

I think so...
Here are some mighty fine examples.

Let's take my mom was an obsessive dad was an obsessive shopper.

Let's take my sister is obsessive about knitting and buying yarn, one brother buys wine...cases and cases of it, my youngest brother...not things? When he is not traveling the world for work...he loves to fish.

I personally might be obsessive about lots of things...clothes, shoes, things being aligned in order, checking a hotel room way too much before leaving...the usual!

This brings me to the pets of obsessive people. I truly think that my lovely Tonkinese kitty is obsessive about these toys!

And the way she insists we play with them...three together and only upstairs! She also sits at the top of the stairs and yells when she thinks it's play time!
Ti...Book Chatter...told me about these on Etsy and Lucy has loved them ever since.


Finished this...really good.

Starting this...really good!

More workers are here for outside deck staining and painting!
Trapped inside for the day!

This is dinner...yum!
Spinach, roasted chicken and crispy's a salad!
Martha's idea...


  1. That salad looks delicious! I am glad they are there doing the deck- maybe all the projects will be done soon?

    I have a bit of OCD and so does my husband (some similar issues, some different). It sounds to me like Lucy has it, too. How funny about her toys! I guess it all comes down to- we like what we like, how we like it. :)

    Have a good day!

    1. I am so ready for a more relaxed sunmmer!

  2. Lucy is definitely in charge. Wait until you see the salad I made the other day!

  3. Lucy is just like you. She definitely has a preference for the finer things in life.

    That salad looks really good. I made a really good steak bowl for Monday's lunch and then called in sick. Then yesterday I planned to eat it but got invited to lunch. Today, it sits for me but I am not sure how good it will be on day 3. Probably not all that good.

    1. The salad was gluten involved!

  4. That salad looks delish! I think obsessive tendencies do run in families - almost everyone in my family has their 'thing' too :D

  5. Yep!!!

    So far we are harmless!

  6. Yes to obsessiveness and family traits...and yes to salad! :)

  7. First of all...I think obsessiveness may be genetic, but most probably the socializing from our families also plays a role. How else to explain Lucy? lol

    She looks very cute in her "guarding" pose.

    That salad looks so yummy!

  8. I don't really obsess about anything...or even if I do, it will be really short period of time. I think I had really short concentration about things :) The books look usual :)
    Your cat is looking cuter and funnier everyday :)