Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Review And A Different Choice...

Finished this, reviewed this, deleted this...feels so good...

In a teeny nutshell...

Lacey...detective...is mysteriously sent to work undercover at Cambridge University...circumstances are odd and secretive. She has issues from her past...not sure but I think this might have been in another book.

My thoughts after reading...

Students at Cambridge...idyllic lovely university...over a period of years...are committing suicide in strange and horrific ways. They appear to be drugged, confused, and violated. They disappear for a few days and upon their return...attempt to kill themselves in horrible ways...no two ways are the same.
Lacey has one person who knows her identity...Evi...other than that she is on her own. She quickly becomes one of the tortured ones. Her identity and role are very secretive and she is not aware that she is a part of a deeper investigation. At any given point she has no clue whom to trust other than Evi...and perhaps Sniffy-Dog...the lovely sweet dog she found!
The evil presence that hovers everywhere is frightening. I had no clue until the last thirty pages who the really bad guys were. At any given point I suspected everyone...and rightly so...I suspected the lovely bread baking Dr. Nick Bell and Evi...poor pain ridden Evi...and Lacey's detective friend/boyfriend who put her in this spot. As I said...I suspected them all!

What I loved about this book...

I loved the writing, the suspense, the chills, the evil...but it's easy to love the evil when you are not a part of it. I loved when Lacey found Sniffy-Dog...I could almost feel her soft buttery nose and the way she fit in right away.

What I did not love...

Nick's falcons killing the partridges...double ick on that when they get to eat the heads. I ate when animals get hurt in books. And Lacey's roommate...weird...very weird. And the rugby players...big old ruffians...mean spirited, too.

Final thoughts...

This book had a riveting plot, memorable characters and provided me with yet one more nail biting and chilling reading experience!

In spite of what I thought I would be reading...I am reading this...and really loving it!
So far it's funny, sweet, and a bit quirky.

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  1. Wow! This book sounds like a real nail-biter! I don't like reading about animal cruelty either. I agree with you that it is much easier to deal with evil when it isn't happening to me. :)

  2. I love books set in places like that. This sounds like a real page turner!

  3. What a cute cover on "The Newlyweds" !!

  4. It does sound like a page turner and it has all that evil and suspense you like. You have been a busy bee with your reading. I tip my hat to you.

  5. I don't think I would enjoy Dead Scared....but it's good that there were parts of it you loved.

  6. What an exciting review :) It sounds like a fun book :)