Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Newlyweds...A Review...

In a nutshell...

George and Amina meet through an online dating service. George is a rather stiff American. Amina comes from Bangladesh. They meet. They marry. Confusion reigns.

My thoughts after reading...

I felt immersed in George and Amina's issues as I read this lovely book. The book is about how they came together and their efforts to stay together when Amina discovers that George has kept something from her. It is an insight into what it is like for someone from a totally different culture to come to grips with life in America. Amina's discoveries and trials are sweet and funny. I loved her relationship with her parents as she tries to earn money and get George to understand that her parents will eventually come to live with them. She does not want children until her mother is there to help her raise them. Amina is sweet, funny, likable and naive. She tries to make everyone happy. George is sort of dry and does not seem to have a sense of humor. I have a mental picture of Amina being petite and pretty while George is pale and rather dull. I had doubts about their relationship from the seemed sort of sparkless and odd.

What I loved about this book...

Oh my gosh...I loved Amina and her parents...her father seemed like an aging juvenile delinquent. He was forever scheming get rich plans and his life and finances were always on the edge of disaster...thus making life difficult for Amina and her mom. I loved reading about the "Desh" traditions...bathing in a pond, scrubbing with clay, living in one room or with relatives. I loved getting to know the many and varied family members and all of their opinions about everything! This includes George's family, too.

What I did not love...

Not a huge fan of George...he seemed too dispassionate. I hated his secrets from Amina.
He just seemed so dull! Not a huge fan of his cousin, either...she was too dishonest and weird!

Final thoughts about this book...

This book was a total lovely surprise for me...loved the writing, loved the clash of cultures,
loved the gentle humor. Loved the ending. Loved Amina's strength, humor, and growth. Loved pretty much the entire tidy fun little book package called The Newlyweds!

Either reading this next...

Or this...

Not sure what my reading mood is...

Lucy and I are off to sit on the deck...before it rains again...if we are both really quiet...a squirrel, a bluejay, and a cardinal will eat the peanuts that we put on the railing...Lucy loves when they eat right next to

Have you read anything really amazing this week?


  1. Nice job with the review. George sounds like a real dullard!

    The Chaperone looks really good. Read that one next!

    1. Thank you...I am liking my revised format...this is a book you would love....I think!!!

  2. This sounds like such an interesting book! I like the fact that there are different cultures- but I don't think I will be a fan of George either. Beneath the Shadows and The Chaperone both look fabulous and so different from each other. This week I am reading a book I do not like very much and I am thinking of not finishing it. I don't like the storyline, the writing, or the characters and I keep falling asleep. I have so many good books waiting to be read...


    1. I hate when I hate a book...I try so hard to not let that happen!

  3. I've been attracted to that book because of it's cover. I'm glad to see it sounds so good. I think it would be hard to combine two cultures like that.

  4. I am reading something now where a couple of the characters are so annoying and hard to connect with (Another Piece of My Heart) for The Newlyweds, I do think George sounds like someone I wouldn't like.

    I loved The Chaperone...many characters to love and hate in that one!

    Lucy looks very content.....

    1. He is not likable but that makes him a great character.

  5. The Newlyweds sounds really good! Nice review! I've got to check it out! I just read a really good book. Review & interview tomorrow!
    Lucy is just adorable!

  6. It's really sound like a fun book :) and I can actually relate the story in this book :) You actually convince me to like Amina even before I read the book :)

    1. Tes...I think you would love this book!!!