Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's Got To Be A Soup Kind Of Day...

This is Mel's Meatball soup with pasta and peas. Mel says the meatballs can be your favorite recipe and the pasta can be orzo.

I have been yearning for this soup ever since I first saw this photo. The recipe is on Mel's blog. It's easy and our favorite meatballs just happen to be the almost homemade ones made by our Country Butcher.

So this soup is on the menu!!!

Just finished...a wonderfully meandering dysfunctional family saga...loved every word. It made me want a trip to the Berkshires. It made me think about how much fun the Fourth Of July was for my family minus all of the dysfunction.

Of course...

Up next?

Still deciding...

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  1. I need some of that soup - it's only supposed to get up to 68 here today.

  2. I love soup - this looks most yummy ;)

  3. I just finished my series of soups, and spicy foods for the "cure all"
    I'm trying to concentrate now, on lighter versions of Spring, and Summery foods! ...although, I would still want to eat a comforting dish of the yummy meatball soup, as well!

    1. And I just copied your spicy soup recipe...I am going to post about it tomorrow!!!

  4. Patty-so sorry that both of your comments got deleted...you deleted your first comment, which I took down, and along came with it your second comment which you posted in your reply section, instead of a separate comment:(
    Would you reply again?...please!

    Thanks for posting my spicy Vietnamese soup, it really was superb!

  5. The World Without You sounds fascinating! I will have to check it out! That soup looks yummy and it is cold here today. Wish I was eating some of it now!!!

  6. Oh, I am longing for that soup now....sigh.

    Send me some, please! lol

    That book by Joshua Henkin reminded me that I have Matrimony on my stacks, so I brought that book into my office; now maybe I'll remember to read it soon. Thanks!

    BTW...Today I received the two books I won here. Thanks!

    1. I wish I could...and good about the books and...I loved his new book even more than Matrimony...

  7. Yummm, the soup looks delish :)