Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hmmmm...The Difference Between Us...

My husband's idea of what to do on a rainy cold Saturday...

Go out to breakfast
Order mulch
Pick out granite
Hit home Depot
Stop at Whole foods
Lunch out...The Whip?
Get new cell phone
Get new house phone
Hunger Games?
Bed Bath and Beyond for new bathroom fixtures
Organize basement

Patty's idea of what to do on a rainy cold Saturday...

Linger longer with my iPad
Linger longer with my book
Linger longer with coffee
Wander downstairs for toast and more coffee
Wander back upstairs for more lingering
Think about getting dressed for downstairs lingering
Order something for dinner while still lingering

Lucy's idea of what to do on a rainy cold Saturday...

Prevent anyone from moving by laying across them and when they do move lay across them again only firmer

How's your Saturday taking shape?


  1. See, in my head I plan my days like your husband... but in reality I end up spending my rainy Saturdays like you do. :)
    I love the pictures of Lucy, we lost our little Siamese mix earlier this year and Lucy's face looks so much like our Joey that it makes me happy to see her. :)

    1. Kate I am so sorry...Lucy is a pure Tonkinese and the love of our lives...we actually ended up going to Whole Foods and choosing our was a compromise...

  2. I think your husband and I would get along great! And you with mine. Lucy probably has the best idea of all in the end.

  3. Ah, I'm definitely in favor of "lingering." Enjoy!

  4. Okay...our husbands are cut from the same fabric...I'm with you, or maybe Lucy right now. I feel very blah & blue.

    1. You at least have a reason...Lucy and I are truly just lazy...

  5. You've been posting such cute pics of Lucy. I look forward to them...

    1. She really takes good photos...the little cutie pie...

  6. Me and my cats definitely agree with yours and Lucy's plans for rainy day. Though, my cat thinks that is what to do any evening