Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gotta Have...Gotta Make...Gotta Love...

In my never ending quest to come up with a blog format that I is my new Thursday format...see title above!

I have to find these shoes...everyone every where in the world has sold out of my size...
I don't even care that I will fall out of them when I walk...right now they are at Anthropologie...but not in my size...

If I can't find them...I will settle for these...I think...

But this is a safer option...

I also just have to make this...little teeny tiny baby Lemon Tartlets...the recipe is on Pinterest. The top is Italian meringue.

Oh me oh my...

And here is my "gotta love"... my shameless posting of Lucy photos...I guess if she was a child I would have to blur her face!!!

But seriously...she is watching tv with me!!! American Idol...

You "gotta" love that!!!


  1. Love all the shoes, but don't think I could walk in them! :-) Do you think my little old ladies at the library would like the book "The World Without You"? I may order it, it looks like it may be good.
    Thanks, Dorothy

    1. Hmmm...I think do they feel about a few juicy bits...

  2. This is a great format and I love those tiny lemon tarts!
    Muttley watches tv with me too... and it is so funny... I wonder if she understands the dialogue?

  3. Thank you...I think I am sticking with it on Thursday's

    I just love catchy titles...comes from making so many bulletin boards!!!

  4. What a fun new post! Love it! The shoes look fun- I love the strap around the ankle. Also- Lucy looks very into American Idol! How awesome is that? I missed last night and have to catch up on it before they send someone home tonight. :) Oh- and that little dessert looks so cute and tasty!


  5. You STILL haven't found those shoes?? LOL.

    I am liking these shoes right now.

  6. The shoes are adorable but I'd have a hard time walking in them.

  7. I gotta have those lemon tatlettes!! Did you enjoy Stevie Nicks on AI last night? She is one of my idols - I hope she sings tonight.

    1. Loved her...I want her to sing too...

      I am making those tarts soon!!!

  8. Very cute shoes, but like Dorothy said, I probably would fall on my...whatever, if I wore them.

    Cool format....and I see you have tabs (or pages). I never could figure out how to do that in Blogger.