Friday, January 20, 2012

The Longest Time I Have Ever Spent Reading A Book...And Two Recipes!!! is the thing...about "Believing The Lie"...

it's not as though this book is 1Q84... is complicated...lots and lots of dysfunctional British characters...and lots of words that you have to google...

example...Zimmer Frame? It's a walker...who knew?

But's so good that none of that matters.

I think it's taking me so long to read it because I am reading it with more intensity?

And with this kind of intensity I need breaks...refreshing blog reading breaks...

With that said...

Lasagna Soup? Oh my goodness!!!

This came from a blog called Mel's Kitchen is the link...

I am making it this weekend...I love this blog...amazing recipes and I always

want to call it Mel's Diner...

But it's not...

And on the same blog...

this recipe...

It's called Robert Redford Dessert.

Here is that link...

My mom used to make something like this almost every Sunday...I think it is a really old dessert!!!

Thank you, Mel!!!

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Don't let the length of 1Q84 intimidate you. I would have finished that puppy in two days had I not wanted to make it last for as long as possible.

    That dessert looks yummy.

  2. Mmmm mmmm ... Robert Redford never looked so good, lol!!!

  3. That lasagne soup looks delicious!

  4. Lasagna soup - that sounds like something I would like.

  5. so does that mean you liked the book?
    The soup and the dessert look great... I am going to try them myself and I will let you know... I love trying new recipes!

  6. Ooh, these both look so awesome! I do love the lasagna soup and the Mel's Diner.

    Believing the Lie does look good! Thanks for sharing....

    1. Maybe this is your weekend to cook!!!

    2. Hmm, sometimes I am tempted. It's been so long since I've done anything requiring a recipe. I wonder if it's like riding a bicycle? Probably not....sigh.

  7. Tes...thank you for your lovely comment...I was on my iPad and accidentally deleted it...

  8. I didn't google Zimmer frame; I just kept wondering what it was. I kind of decided that it was some kind of back brace. A walker? Thanks for filling in my gaps in knowledge along with yours.

  9. Will have to check out the lasagna soup recipe you sent me in e-mail...I'm so far behind with my e-mails. Kind of curious how they made soup with lasagna noodles?...Robert Redford dessert sounds and looks scrumptious, and yummy...just can't have this with my WW diet. Can't promise I can stop at one

  10. Enjoy your book! The lasagna recipe sounds tasty and I am now craving the Robert Redford dessert! Yum!!! Thanks for sharing these and making me hungry. :)